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Bod-Inc: P-490

Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius

Opera poetica.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Langius, Rudolphus: [Verse.] ‘In Prudentii . . . uersus hymnos et lyram.’ Incipit: ‘Pierios ductor lyricae nunc caede cohortis | Et cantus differ Pindare laude deum'; distichs. See VL V 590-8, at 594.

a2v Gennadius Massiliensis: [Life of Prudentius, an extract from] ‘de uiris illustribus'. PL LVIII 1068.

a3r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Tituli Historiarum siue Dittochaeon. ‘In utrumque testamentum Tetrasticha, quae a nonnullis Chirocleum siue Historiarum Tituli inscribuntur.’ Prudentius, Carmina, ed. Maurice P. Cunningham, CCSL 126 (Turnholt, 1966), 390-400.

b1r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Apotheosis. ‘Apotheosis . . . Si tamen uolumus Graecis credere peri theotetos dicendus est.’ CCSL 126, 73-115.

e2r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Psychomachia. ‘Librum de compugnantia.’ CCSL 126, 149-81.

g6r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Hamartigenia. ‘Id est de origine peccatorum.’ CCSL 126, 116-48

h5r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: ‘Prologus in librum qui peri stephanon dicitur.’ CCSL 126, 401-2. Wanting the first line of text.

h5v Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Liber Peristefanon [I]. ‘Incipiunt metrum trochaicum Archilochicum quod et Euripidium dicitur. Recepit enim aliquando spondeum.’ CCSL 126, 251-6.

l2r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon V]. ‘Passio sancti Vincentii diaconi.’ CCSL 126, 294-313.

m1r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon II]. ‘Passio sancti Laurentii Archileuitae.’ CCSL 126, 257-7.

m6v Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon XI]. ‘Ad Valerianum episcopum de passione Hippolyti sanctissimi martyris.’ CCSL 126, 370-8.

n5r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon XII]. ‘Passio sanctorum ac illustrissimorum Christi apostolorum Petri et Pauli.’ CCSL 126, 379-81.

n6r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon XIII]. ‘Passio sancti Cypriani Carthaginensis episcopi uiri doctissimi.’ CCSL 126, 382-5.

o2r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon IV]. ‘Hymnus in honore decem et nouem martyrum Caesaraugustanorum.’ CCSL 126, 286-93.

o5r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon XIV]. ‘Passio Sanctae Agnetis uirginis et martyris.’ CCSL 126, 386-9.

p1v Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon III]. ‘Hymnus in honore sanctae Eulaliae uirginis et martyris.’ CCSL 126, 278-85.

p3v Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon VI]. ‘Hymnus in honore beatissimorum martyrum Fructuosi episcopi Tarraconensis ecclesiae'. CCSL 126, 314-20.

p6r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon VII]. ‘Hymnus in honore Quirini beatissimi martyris'. CCSL 126, 321-4.

q1r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon IX]. ‘Passio sancti Cassiani martyris'. CCSL 126, 326-9.

q3r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: [Liber Peristefanon X]. ‘Sequitur liber in quo scribitur passio beati Romani martyris'. CCSL 126, 330-69.

t4r Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Hymni siue Cathemerinon. ‘Cathemerinon qui liber hymnorum dicitur, ualet enim cathemerinon diurnum'. CCSL 126, 1-72.

z2v Prudentius Clemens, Aurelius: Contra Symmachum. CCSL 126, 182-250.

D5v [Summary of contents.]


Imprint: [Deventer: Richard Pafraet, not after 26 Apr. 1498]. 4°.

Remarks: As dated by Sheppard. Sheppard notes that there is a dated inscription in the Broxbourne copy; HPT and ILC date [between 21 June 1491 and 2 Dec. 1497]; Polain [c.1497].


Collation: a–z [et] A–D6.


ISTC: ip01027000

Hain: HC 13432;

Goff: Goff P‑1027;


Proctor: Pr 9031;

Others: Campbell 1456; CIBN P‑641; HPT II 409; ILC 1816; Oates 3521-3; Polain 3263; Sheppard 6949.

LCN: 14089006


Copy number: P-490(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century gold-tooled green morocco.

Size: 205 × 144 × 124 mm.

Size of leaf: 198 × 135 mm.

Notes in a contemporary (Dutch or German) hand indicating a point of interest on D4r, and summarizing the structure and sound of the metres used by Prudentius on D6r. Note concerning the dating pasted in between the front endleaves.

Three-line initials are supplied in blue with red pen flourishes on a3r and a5r; elsewhere one- to three-line initials and paragraph marks are supplied in blue or red ink; underlining of headings and capital strokes in red.

Provenance: ‘Bethlehem' Germany/Netherlands on a1r; there were at least 24 houses of this name in the Netherlands; see Michael Schoengen, Monasticon Batavum (Amsterdam, 1941). Purchased for £10. 10. 0; see Books Purchased (1833), 20.

SHELFMARK: Auct. L 4.29.

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