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Bod-Inc: P-504




Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Psalterium, Ps 1-150.]

[o5r] [Cantica.] See P‑495, nos 1-11, 13-15.

[p6v] [Litaniae sanctorum.] It includes ‘Felix', ‘Leodegari', ‘Dyonisi cum soc', ‘Bonifacii cum soc', ‘Ciriace cum soc', ‘Maurici cum soc', ‘Kiliane cum soc', ‘Pelagii', ‘Pancracii', ‘Osualdi', ‘Tiburcii', ‘Valeriane', ‘Vite' among the martyrs; ‘Hilari', ‘Henrice', ‘Gotharde', ‘Florenti', ‘Erharde', ‘Remigi', ‘Ludouice', ‘Germane', ‘Athanasii', ‘Lazare', ‘Briccii' among the confessors; ‘Columbane', ‘Galle', ‘Magne', ‘Othmare', ‘Fridoline' among the monks; ‘Scolastice', ‘Eugenia', ‘Dorothea', ‘Margaretha', ‘Affra', ‘Regula', ‘Heduidis', ‘Sophia', ‘Ursula cum sodalibus', ‘Cordula', ‘Barbara', ‘Tecla', ‘Brigida', ‘Balpurga', ‘Verena', ‘Otilia' among the virgins. The same list of saints as P‑498.


Imprint: [Lyons: Nicolaus Philippi and Marcus Reinhart, c.1478?]. 8°.

Remarks: Dated by Sheppard from the state of the types. Pr 8526 (with Bohatta and Meyer-Baer) embraces two editions of which this is the earlier, without the typographical peculiarities described by BMC VIII 245 (IA.41571).


Collation: [a–n8 o p10].

Types: Type: 121 G.

Leaves: 124 leaves, the last blank.

Line number: 23 lines ([a4r]).

Type area: Type area: 84 ×55 mm ([a4r]).

Remarks: Capital spaces. Leaf [a1r]: ‘[B]Eatus vir qui | nō abiit in cō | ſilio impiorū | [et] in via pctō nō ſte | tit / . . .'; [l4r]: ‘[D]Ixit dominus | dn̄o meo ſede a | dextris meis | . . .'; [o5r]: ‘[C]Onfitebor tibi dn̄e quoniaƺ ira | tus es michi / . . .'; [p6v], col. 1: ‘[K]yrieeleyſon | [X]p̄eeleyſon | . . .'; [p9r], l. 10: ‘ . . . [D]n̄e | exaudi or̄onem meam. [D]n̄s vobiſcum | Et cum ſpiritu tuo.’


ISTC: ip01041380

GW: GW Nachträge, 291;

Goff: Goff P‑1042;

Proctor: Pr 8526;

Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl., 861; Meyer-Baer p. 41; Sack, Freiburg, 2968; Sheppard 6581-2.

LCN: 14064637


Copy number: P-504(1)

Wanting the blank leaf [p10].

Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) gold-tooled tree calf, with yellow-edged leaves sprinkled red, marbled pastedowns, and pink silk bookmark.

Size: 150 × 105 × 25 mm.

Size of leaf: 148 × 98 mm.

On front endleaf a bibliographical note in French, in pencil. Early signatures partially visible.

On [a1r] a six-line initial ‘B' is supplied in gold within a square half blue half pink ground with white pen-work decoration. On [l4r] a three-line initial ‘D' is supplied with the same decoration. Other initials are supplied in blue or red. Ruling in red ink.

Provenance: Possibly the copy bought from Alphonse Picard et fils from Vente Durand, Paris, 26 Feb. 1895; see Annual Report of the Curators of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Gazette, 12 May 1896, 466.

SHELFMARK: Inc. f. F2.1480.1.

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