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Bod-Inc: P-514


Psalterium (ed. and comm. Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Prologue.] ‘Corrigendi emendandique psalterii prologus beati Brunonis episcopi Herbipolensis breuis commendatio et quanto proficue legendum sit istud psalterium institutio et cohortatio'. Incipit: ‘[N]oua non cudimus sed vetera renouamus . . .’

a8v Hieronymus: [First preface to the Gallican Psalter.] ‘Epistola beati Hieronimi ad Paulam et Eustochium de psalterio . . .’ Biblia sacra iuxta vulgatam versionem, ed. Robert Weber, 2 vols (Stuttgart, 1969), I 767; PL CXLII 30-40.

a8v Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Prolegomena.] ‘Hieronimus in epistola ad Sumniam et Fretulam de differentia septuaginta interpretum et hebraice veritatis de obelo et asterisco . . .’ PL CXLII 40-1.

b1r Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Prolegomena.] ‘Hieronimus de dyapsalma siue dyapsalmate ad Ruffinum alias ad Marcellam intitulata epistola'. PL CXLII 41-3.

b1v Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Prolegomena.] ‘Quid sit dyapsalma. Cassiodorus'. PL CXLII 43-4.

b2v [Remigius Autissiodorensis: Enarrationes in Psalmos.] ‘Quid sit psalterium et psalmi quare dicantur. Cassiodorus'. PL CXXXI 138-9; CXLII 44-5.

b3r Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Prolegomena.] ‘[T]ribus modis psalmi loquuntur . . .’ PL CXLII 45-6.

b3v [Remigius Autissiodorensis: Enarrationes in Psalmos.] ‘Dicta sancti Augustini in prologo psalterii et aliorum de virtutibus psalmorum'. PL CXXXI 142-44; CXLII 46.

b3v Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Prolegomena.] ‘De institutione et autore ac cantoribus numero titulisque psalmorum'. PL CXLII 46-8.

b4r [Orationes.] ‘Orationes antequam psalmi incipiantur'. PL CXLII 48.

c1r [Psalterium, Ps 1-150.] Edited by Brunus, episcopus Herbipolensis.

c1r Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Commentary.] See P‑510.

x6r [Cantica.] See P‑496, nos 1-10, 13-14, 11, 15.


Imprint: [Nuremberg]: Anton Koberger, 1494. 4°.


Collation: a8 b4 c–x8 y10.


ISTC: ip01050000

Hain: H *4012;

Goff: Goff P‑1050;

BMC: BMC II 439;

Proctor: Pr 2096;

Others: BSB‑Ink P‑836; CIBN B‑867; Hillard 507; Meyer-Baer p. 43; Oates 1036; Rhodes 1475; Sack, Freiburg, 2971; Sheppard 1532-3.

LCN: 14063267


Copy number: P-514(1)

Wanting the blank leaf y10.

Binding: Seventeenth/eighteenth-century forel, with remains of leather ties. With the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers. The lower edge coloured green. Manuscript title at the head of the spine, brown ink; gold-tooled title on a green leather rectangular label at the middle of the spine. ‘Th. 4o F. 40', in brown ink, across the head of the fore-edge.

Size: 234 × 170 × 33 mm.

Size of leaf: 226 × 165 mm.

Below the title-page, a bio-bibliographical note on Bruno of Würzburg, quoting Trithemius, in a humanist hand. A few marginal notes, mainly extracting key words and providing corrections to the text, in the same hand.

Initials, sometimes with reserved white decoration, and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Heavily deleted contemporary inscriptions on a1r: ‘Iste liber pertinet [name cancelled, then the following added] magistro Francisco (?)', ‘Richardus D(?) . . . Gualterus (?) parochalis ecclesie sancte Marie? virginis pastor post mortem Richardi me possidet'. Edward Bernard (1638-1697); Wanley's list, p. 7, no. 61. Among the books purchased in 1697 from Bernard's widow.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: 4° F 40 Th. (fore-edge); Auct. 1Q 4.14.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 5.19.

Copy number: P-514(2)

Wanting the blank leaf y10.

Binding: Contemporary German (Scheyern, Kyriß workshop no. 30) blind-tooled sheep dyed red, over wooden boards. Two catches and clasps, corner-pieces and centre-piece lost. Manuscript title at the head of the spine. Leather index tabs dyed red. Triple fillets form a double frame. Within the outer frame a repeated knotwork stamp. Diagonal triple fillets divide the inner rectangle into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments, decorated with a circular rosette stamp or a smaller rosette stamp; see Kyriß pl. 67, nos 1, 7. The lower cover has no stamps.

Size: 237 × 175 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 228 × 166 mm.

Front and rear pastedowns consist of two parchment half-leaves from a twelfth-century German Sacramentary.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Scheyern, Bavaria, BVM, Benedictines; inscription on a2r: ‘Monasteri Scheyrn'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Duplum' in brown ink on front pastedown, ‘Dupl' in pencil on a1r, and ‘Inc. 685' in brown ink on a slip of paper inserted into the book. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, probably in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 6.100.

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