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Bod-Inc: P-518




Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Title-page.]

[a1v] [Calendarium.] A Roman calendar with Venetian feasts and the following additions: 12 Jan. ‘Cirici m'; 24 Jan. ‘Mardoni et soc'; 29 Jan. ‘Valerii ep' [Bishop of Trier?]; 30 Jan. ‘Ypoliti m'; 6 Feb. ‘Dorothee v'; 7 Feb. ‘Moysetis ep'; 8 Feb. ‘Dionisii et Sebastiani mm'; 9 Feb. ‘Apollonie v'; 11 Feb. ‘Desiderii ep' [Bishop of Vienne]; 12 Feb. ‘Eulalie'; 13 Feb. ‘Agabi proph' [said to have been one of the 72 disciples sent out to preach by our Lord] ‘et Policeti mr' [i.e. Polyeucte Roman m]; 15 Feb. ‘Transl Anthonii de Padua'; 16 Feb. ‘Iuliane v'; 17 Feb. ‘Polocronii ep' [Bishop of Babylon]; 18 Feb. ‘Claudii et Pripedine' [mm with Maximus]; 19 Feb. ‘Publii Iuliani et Marcelli'; 23 Feb. ‘Sireni mon'; 25 Feb. ‘Victorini cum soc'; 26 Feb. ‘Alexandri ep'; 27 Feb. ‘Iuliani m'; 28 Feb. ‘Transl Augustini'; 1 Mar. ‘Herculani ep'; 2 Mar. ‘Iouini et Basilei mm'; 3 Mar. ‘Maximi et Astini mm'; 4 Mar. ‘Gaii et aliorum xxvii mm'; 5 Mar. ‘Eusebii et aliorum ix mm'; 6 Mar. ‘Iuliani ep'; 10 Mar. ‘Quadraginta duorum mm'; 11 Mar. ‘xl militum mm'; 13 Mar. ‘Eufrasie v'; 14 Mar. ‘Petri m'; 15 Mar. ‘Longini'; 16 Mar. ‘Patricini ep'; 17 Mar. ‘Getrudis'; 19 Mar. ‘Ioseph cf'; 20 Mar. ‘Ulfrandi cf'; 26 Mar. ‘Isidori m'; 27 Mar. ‘Iohannis her'; 28 Mar. ‘Grandrani regis et cf' [i.e. Gontranus King of Burgundy and Orleans, 5th century]; 29 Mar. ‘Eustachii ab'; 30 Mar. ‘Reguli ep'; 31 Mar. ‘Amos proph'; 1 Apr. ‘Theodore m'; 3 Apr. ‘Acapis et Chione vv'; 4 Apr. ‘Ysidori ep'; 6 Apr. ‘Celestini pp'; 7 Apr. ‘Pleusii presb'; 8 Apr. ‘Dionisii ep'; 10 Apr. ‘Ezechielis proph'; 11 Apr. ‘Leonis pp'; 12 Apr. ‘Iulii pp'; 13 Apr. ‘Ermegildi regis et m' [m in Tarragona]; 15 Apr. ‘Olimpiadis et Maximi mm'; 16 Apr. ‘Isidori m'; 18 Apr. ‘Eleutherii ep'; 19 Apr. ‘Thimonis diac'; 20 Apr. ‘Victoris pp'; 21 Apr. ‘Symeonis ep'; 30 Apr. ‘Eutropii ep'; 2 May ‘Athanasii'; 4 May ‘Monice'; 5 May ‘Conv Augustini'; 7 May ‘Domicille v'; 9 May ‘Trecentorum decem mm'; 11 May ‘Antimi presb'; 13 May ‘Mucii presb'; 14 May ‘Victoris et Corone'; 15 May ‘Petri Andree Pauli et Dionisii'; 16 May ‘Maxime v'; 17 May ‘Transl s Bernardini'; 20 May ‘Bernardini cf'; 21 May ‘Secundini m'; 22 May ‘Iulie m'; 23 May ‘Desiderii ep'; 24 May ‘Vincentii m'; 28 May ‘Emilii cum soc'; 29 May ‘Maximiani ep'; 1 June ‘Pamphili presb'; 3 June ‘Pergentini et Laurentini'; 4 June ‘Quintini ep'; 5 June ‘Bonifacii m'; 6 June ‘Philippi diac'; 7 June ‘Pauli ep'; 8 June ‘Petri m'; 10 June ‘Zacharie cf'; 14 June ‘Elisei proph'; 16 June ‘Modesti cum soc'; 21 June ‘Leufredi'; 23 June ‘Johannis presb'; 25 June ‘Apparitio Marci ev'; 27 June ‘Zoti m'; 3 July ‘Eligii cf'; 4 July ‘Osee et Aggei proph'; 5 July ‘Zoe m'; 7 July ‘Panthemii cf'; 8 July ‘Procapii m'; July 14 ‘Foce ep'; 16 July ‘Eustachii ep'; 19 July ‘Arsenii cf'; 29 July ‘Marthe v'; 31 July ‘Faustini cf'; 6 Aug. ‘Transf domini'; 11 Aug. ‘Taurini' [Bishop of Evreux]; 16 Aug. ‘Rochi cf' [m in Montpellier, also venerated in Venice] ‘et Serene'; 19 Aug. ‘Ludouici ep'; 20 Aug. ‘Daniel proph'; 21 Aug. ‘Anastasii m'; 25 Aug. ‘Ludouici cf et regis Francie'; 27 Aug. ‘Rufi m'; 31 Aug. ‘Paulini et Optati cff'; 3 Sept. ‘Serapie v'; 4 Sept. ‘Moysi proph'; 5 Sept. ‘Victorini m'; 6 Sept. ‘Zacharie proph'; 7 Sept. ‘Regine v'; 12 Sept. ‘Siri Geuencii cff'; 13 Sept. ‘Philippi ep et Cornelii m'; 18 Sept. ‘Victoris et Corone'; 19 Sept. ‘Mariani cf'; 24 Sept. ‘Germani ab'; 25 Sept. ‘Lupi ep' [Bishop of Lyons]; 28 Sept. ‘Exuperi ep'; 2 Oct. ‘Transl Clare'; 3 Oct. ‘Dionisii ep'; 5 Oct. ‘Apolinaris ep'; 6 Oct. ‘Magni ep' [Venetiarum]; 11 Oct. ‘Transl Augustini'; 12 Oct. ‘Eustachii presb'; 13 Oct. ‘Venantii ab' [of Tours; relics in Saint-German-des-Pres in Paris]; 15 Oct. ‘Trecentorum ix mm'; 16 Oct. ‘Ducentorum lxx coronatorum'; 17 Oct. ‘Florentini ep'; 20 Oct. ‘Maximi et Leuite mm'; 21 Oct. ‘Undecim milium vv'; 22 Oct. ‘Marci ep' (red); 23 Oct. ‘Seuerini ep' (red); 24 Oct. ‘Felicis cum soc'; 27 Oct. ‘Yuonis cf'; 29 Oct. ‘Marcelli ep'; 30 Oct. ‘Ducentorum xx mm'; 31 Oct. ‘Quintini m'; 3 Nov. ‘Hylarii ep'; 5 Nov. ‘Zacharie proph pa. s. Io. Bap.'; 7 Nov. ‘Herculani ep'; 9 Nov. ‘Dedic bas Saluatoris'; 14 Nov. ‘Serapionis m' [m in Algieri, venerated in Barcelona]; 15 Nov. ‘Felicis ep'; 16 Nov. ‘Euchirii cf'; 18 Nov. ‘Ded aplorum Petri et Pauli'; 20 Nov. ‘Present. BVM'; 27 Nov. ‘Marcialis Vitalis et Agricole'; 28 Nov. ‘Sotheris cf'; 30 Nov. ‘Andree ap duplex minus' (red); 1 Dec. ‘Albini m'; 3 Dec. ‘Cassiani m'; 9 Dec. ‘Siri ep'; 12 Dec. ‘Pauli ep'; 14 Dec. ‘Nicasii ep'; 15 Dec. ‘Valeriani ep'; 16 Dec. ‘Ananie Azarie Misaelis'; 17 Dec. ‘Lazari'; 19 Dec. ‘Clementis presb'; 20 Dec. Domiciani ab'; 22 Dec. ‘Triginta mm'; 23 Dec. ‘Victorie v'; 24 Dec. ‘Gregorii presb'; 30 Dec. ‘Sabini ep' [Bishop of Assisi].

[b2r] ‘Tabula'. A list of psalms in alphabetical order.

[b5r] ‘Tabula ad inueniendum hymnos'. A list of hymns in alphabetical order.

[b7r] [Psalterium, Ps 1-150.]

[p5r] [Cantica.] See P‑495, nos 1-11, 15.

[r4r] ‘Oratio'. Incipit: ‘[D]eus cui proprium est misereri semper . . .’ Followed by five more prayers.

[r4v] [Hymnarius.] It includes hymns for the proprium de tempore, de sanctis, and commune sanctorum, from the first Sunday of Advent to the dedication of the church. There is a special hymn for S. Ludovicus.

[x2v] [Colophon.]

[x2v] ‘Augustinus de virtute et effectu psalmorum sic ait'. Incipit: ‘[C]anticum psalmorum angelos inuitat in adiutorium . . .’


Imprint: Paris: Nicole de la Barre, for François Regnault, 9 Jan. 1500/1. 8°.


Collation: [a8] b6 [2b] c–q8 [r4] s–u8 x2.

Types: Type: 96 G.

Leaves: 164 leaves, 15-164 numbered 1-150.

Line number: 22 lines and head line ([b2r]).

Type area: Type area: 106 (111) ×67 mm ([b2r]).

Illustrations: Woodcuts.

Remarks: Leaf [a1r], title: ‘(red) ¶ (black) Pſalterium cum hymnis'. || Device of François Regnault (see Louis Catherine Silvestre, Marques typographiques, ou Recueil des monogrammes, chiffres etc. des libraires et imprimeurs qui ont exercé en France . . . jusq'à la fin du seizième siècle . . . (Paris, 1853; facs. of 1867 repr. Amsterdam, 1971), no. 369); [a1v]: ‘(red) KL Ianuari[us] ʒ dies .xxxi. Luna .xxx.'; b2r: ‘(black) ¶ (red) Tabula.'; [b1r], headline: ‘Foliū primū p̄s. | (black) [woodcut] [B]Eatus | vir qui | nō abi | it . . .'; [r4v]: ‘¶ (red) Sequuntur hymni qui in veſperis | matutinis atqƺ aliis horis canonicis in | eccleſia dei per totum annū leguntur. | . . .'; [x2v], colophon: ‘¶ (black) Exaratū eſt hoc op[us] Pariſius vna cū | expenſis franciſci regnault librarii vni | uerſitat' pariſien̄: In domo magiſtri ni | colai de la barre cōmorātis ibidē in vico | cythare iuxta ſcutū regiū Anno dn̄i mil | leſimo quingēteſimo die o ix. ianuarijs. || ¶ (red) Auguſtinus de virtute [et] effectu pſal | morum ſic ait. | . . .'; l. 21: ‘Hec ſanctus auguſtinus.’


ISTC: ip01059700

Proctor: Pr 8361;

Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl., 943; Sheppard 6527-9.

LCN: 14063194


Copy number: P-518(1)

Wanting q8 –[r3].

Binding: Contemporary English blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, with a metal clasp, hinged from upper to lower cover, and metal catch; rebacked. Double fillets form an intersecting double frame; in the inner rectangle a panel stamp with a floral and foliate border surrounding hop berries and leaves with a rosette in the centre; see Oldham, Blind Panels, p. 33, pl. xxxviii, rose 7.

Size: 152 × 105 × 25 mm.

Size of leaf: 145 × 98 mm.

The present parchment front endleaf was originally used to cover the spine, until Gough's or Martin's time; see manuscript title, Gough's shelfmark ‘70' in white paint, and two paper labels bearing the manuscript number ‘43', probably part of Martin's sale, all of which run vertically in the centre of the leaf. In the calendar, the word ‘papa' and the entry for Thomas Becket (29 Dec.) have been deleted in brown ink. On the recto of the rear endleaf the following citation in Greek: ‘ Που̂ οὐ̂ν ἡ καύχασὶς ἐξεκλίσθη. διὰποίου νόμου; τω̂ν ἔργων;  . . . ’ [Ro 3.27–4.3].

Provenance: Leeds, Kent, Augustinians, BVM & S. Nicholas; inscriptions on first paper endleaf: ‘Iste liber constat Richardo pende wrytten in ledes'; ‘Iste liber pertinet ad Richardum pende testantibus Mr Cliforde et mr Brogreffe (Brograve) et mr Wotton et mr N[ ]gen et mr Cumberland et multis aliis in scola Mr Babber in abbasia de ledis.' The master of the grammar school attached to the monastery is mentioned in the 1511 visitation of it; see M. Bateson, ‘Archbshop Warham's Visitation of Monasteries, 1511', English Historical Review, 6 (1891), 18-35, at 31. Ker, Medieval Libraries, 93, this volume not listed. William Daniell (sixteenth century); inscriptions on [a1r], [b6v], and on rear endleaf: ‘Liber Gulielmi Danieli' ‘William Daniell'. John Delapeend (sixteenth century); inscription on [a1r]: ‘John de la Pinde'; ‘John Delapinde' also inside the first paper endleaf. Francis Blomefield (1705-1752); his armorial book-plate inside the upper cover: ‘Francis Blomefield. Rector of Fersfield in Norfolk, 1736', with the motto: ‘Pro aris et focis'; see Howe, Book Plates, 2849; inscription on [a1r]: ‘Francis Blomefield Coll: Caji 1727 Oct.' Thomas Martin (1697-1771); his monogram in the upper left-hand corner of Blomefield's book-plate; his sale (1773), lot 4353. Richard Gough (1735-1809); bibliographical reference in his hand on [a1r]: ‘B. T. II.350'. Bequeathed by Gough in 1809.

SHELFMARK: Gough Missals 70.

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