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Bod-Inc: P-525


Psalterium Sancti Hieronymi [Italian] Psalterio abreviato di sancto Hieronymo (trans. Niccolò Malerbi).


Analysis of Content

[A1r] Hieronymus: [Second preface to the Gallican Psalter.] Translated by Niccolò Malerbi. ‘Prologo'. Incipit: ‘[I]o so esser alquanti che pensano el psalterio in cinque libri esser diuiso . . .’ See Edoardo Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane del quattrocento e del cinquecento (Milan, 1992), I 71.

[A1v] ‘Argumento'. Incipit: ‘[I]ntal guisa e el psalterio come una grande casa . . .’ See Barbieri I 71-2.

[A1v] Hieronymus [pseudo-]: ‘Altro prologo di sancto Iheronimo sopra questo medesimo libro'. Incipit: ‘[B]eato lhuomo elqual non e andato . . . questo psalmo eglie le chiaue de tutti psalmi . . .’ See Barbieri I 72.

[A2r] Hieronymus: [First preface to the Gallican Psalter.] ‘Prologo'. Incipit: ‘[E]ssendo io a Roma gia haueua emendato el psalterio . . .’ See Barbieri I 72.

[A2r] [Origo prophetiae David regis Psalmorum numero cl.] Incipit: ‘[E]ssendo Dauid figluol de Iesse nel regno ellegette quattro huomini . . .’ See Barbieri I 72.

[A2v] Malerbi, Niccol ò(?): [Prologo.] ‘Incomincia el libro del Iymnio uerso li loqui del propheta de Christo'. Incipit: ‘Questo tale libro e intitulato al propheta . . .’ See Barbieri I 72.

[A3v] Malerbi, Niccol ò: [Commentary to the tituli of the psalms.] Incipit: ‘Questo primo psalmo fece Esdras propheta . . .’ Each psalm is introduced by a commentary on it, largely drawn from the Commentaria in Psalmos davidicos of the Carmelite Michele Ayguani da Bologna (1345-1400); see Barbieri I 71-106.

[A4r] [Psalterio.] Translated by Niccolò Malerbi. Incipit: ‘[B]eato lhuomo che nel conseglio . . .’


Imprint: [Milan: Printer of ‘Psalterio in volgare', 1476], 10 Oct. 1476. 4°.

Remarks: Although the colophon reads ‘Impresso a Venetia', BMC assigns it on other evidence to [Milan].


Collation: [A]8 a–h8.8.8.10.


ISTC: ih00188500

Hain: HC 13527;

BMC: BMC V 247, VI 733;

Proctor: Pr 5676;

Others: Bohatta, Lit. Bibl. 1036; Sheppard 4907.

LCN: 14086133


Copy number: P-525(1)

Wanting the blank leaves h9,10.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half brown morocco over marbled pasteboards, with sprinkled green-edged leaves. ‘5090' in brown ink on a circular paper label at the tail of the spine.

Size: 285 × 207 × 18 mm.

Size of leaf: 280 × 195 mm.

Bibliographical information from the catalogue of the Pinelli library is written on a slip of marbled paper inserted in the book. A contemporary hand has added the first Latin verses at the beginning of each psalm.

Provenance: Sheppard records that this item was purchased in 1867.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q 3.5.

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