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Bod-Inc: R-002

Rainerius de Pisis

Pantheologia, sive Summa universae theologiae.


Analysis of Content

[A1r] Jacobus Florentinus(?): ‘In primam tabulam sequentem super Pantheologia prefatio'.’ Incipit: ‘[Q]uia in summa Rainerii que alias pantheologia vocatur . . .’

[B6r] [Table of biblical quotations.] It is followed by an alphabetical list of incipits and an alphabetical list of subjects, each introduced by a prologue.

[a2r] Jacobus Florentinus: ‘Prefatio' [addressed to] Cardinal Branda Castiglione. Incipit: ‘[C]ommotus incitatusque prestantissime pater . . .’

[a2v] Rainerius de Pisis: Pantheologia, sive Summa universae theologiae. ‘Prologus'.’ Incipit: ‘[A]. a. id est domine deus ecce nescio loqui . . .’

[a3r] Rainerius de Pisis: Pantheologia, sive Summa universae theologiae. Edited by Jacobus Florentinus(?). Incipit: ‘[A]bsolutio. Circa absolutionem quatuor per ordinem sunt notanda . . .’ See R‑001.


Imprint: [Augsburg: Günther Zainer], 1474. Folio.


Collation: Part I: [A10 B8 C6+1 D12 a–z aa–yy10 zz [et et]8 [con con]6]; part II: [2a–z [et] [con] [rum] 2aa–ss10 tt8 rr–xx10 yy–zz8].

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ir00006000

Hain: H *13016;

Goff: Goff R‑6;

BMC: BMC II 321;

Proctor: Pr 1543;

Others: BSB‑Ink R‑2; Sack, Freiburg, 3007; Sheppard 1151.

LCN: 14065401


Copy number: R-002(1)

Bound in two volumes.

The table is bound at the end of volume 1. The sheets of gathering [zz] of volume 1 are misbound in this order: 3, 4, 1, 2.

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards. Clasps, catches, corner-pieces, and centre-piece lost. Yellow-edged leaves. In volume 1, an early manuscript title at the head of the upper cover. ‘P' in brown ink on a square paper label just below the manuscript title. Early manuscript title in brown ink along the lower edge. On the spine of both volumes, title in black ink at the head, volume number also in black ink, and ‘M' in red ink at the tail. Parchment index tabs in volume 2 only. Volume 1: on the upper cover, quadruple fillets form a quadruple frame. Within the outer frame a lozenge-shaped floral stamp. Within the following frame a repeated rectangular foliate and floral stamp. Within the following one a repeated foliate staff stamp. Vertical quadruple fillets divide the inner rectangle into three rectangular compartments. In the large middle compartment, a repeated square ‘santo volto' stamp; in the two small rectangular compartments at the sides, a repeated rosette stamp. On the lower cover, quadruple fillets form a triple frame. Within the outer frame a repeated lozenge-shaped fleuron stamp. Within the following frame a repeated square rosette stamp. Quadruple fillets divide the inner rectangle into four rectangular sections, each further divided by diagonal fillets into triangular compartments decorated with a different lozenge-shaped fleuron. Volume 2: Fillets only. Rebacked.

Size: 412 × 285 × 130 mm.

Size of leaf: 410 × 275 mm.

The woodcut initials are coloured in red or blue. Some large initials are supplied in red, blue, pink, or gold with red pen-work decoration. Initials, paragraph marks, and some running subject headings are supplied in red.

Provenance: Stadtamhof, Bavaria, Augustinian Canons, SS. Andreas et Magnus; book-plate (Warnecke 2072): ‘Bib. SS Andreae & Magni sub [MS: Simone] Praeposito. Stadt am Hof, [MS: 1492']; also on the bookplate of both volumes in the same contemporary hand that has added ‘Simone' and the date, in brown ink: ‘Linea 1 | Numero 3/4'. Early inscription on the book-plate of vol. 2: ‘Sancto Magno datus est codex iste per Venerabilem dominum Joann[torn away] 1512'. On [zz7r] of vol. 2: ‘Sancto Magno attinet cui nemo abroget'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; shelfmark ‘Inc. Typ. N. 632' and ‘Duplum' in brown ink on [a1r] and [2 a1r]. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892; probably in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 2.12-13.

Copy number: R-002(2)

Bound in two volumes.

The table is bound at the end of volume 2.

Binding: Contemporary German (Kyriß workshop no. 162) blind-tooled pigskin over bevelled wooden boards, with two metal clasps and catches. Corner-pieces and centre-piece lost. ‘C. 131/132' in red at the tail of the spine. Early manuscript title along the lower edge. Triple fillets form an intersecting double frame. Within the outer frame of volume 1 a repeated tetragon with concave sides containing a floral stamp, and volume 2 a repeated circular rosette stamp, a circular floral stamp and a different floral stamp. Diagonal double fillets divide the inner rectangle into lozenge-shaped and triangular compartments decorated with circular evangelist stamps, a ‘Maria' scroll stamp, a pelican stamp, also a small rosette stamp, and a small trefoil stamp, a small flower-petal stamp, and a small ‘lightning' stamp, the last three round the edges of the other stamps; also the arms of Hildebrand Brandenburg, an ox passant; see Kyriß pl. 325, nos 1-5, 8, 9; cf. Goldschmidt 137 pl. V.

Size: 415/413 × 290 × 120/137 mm.

Size of leaf: 405 × 272 mm.

Early manuscript title on the front endleaf of volume 1. Some early signatures in red ink in the middle of the lower margin, and in brown ink in the left-hand corner of the lower margin, occasionally visible. In pen the following note, in Lyell's hand: ‘E. V. V. V. 2. 1. 41'.

The woodcuts are coloured. Some initials are supplied in green, blue, or pink with acanthus scrolling decoration and red and green or brown pen-work decoration. Other initials are supplied in red or blue. Running page headings at the beginning of volume 1. Occasional running subject headings in volume 2. Chapter heading underlining and capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Hilbrand Brandenburg (1442-1514). Buxheim, Bavaria, Carthusians, BVM; see Honemann, ‘Buxheim Collection', Bod32; the Brandenburg note of bequest on the front endleaf of vol. 1: ‘Liber Cartusien. in Buchshaim prope Memmingen proueniens a confratre nostro domino Hilprando Brandenburg de Bibraco . . . Oretur pro eo et pro quibus desiderauit'; his coloured book-plate (Warneke 245), with printed text on reverse, and the Buxheim stamp; on [a2r] of vol. 1 Buxheim's ownership note erased; on [a2r] stamped monogram: ‘ES (addorsed) 56', vol. 1, and ‘ES 219', vol. 2, in violet ink. Graf von Ostein, 1803. Sold in 1883 by Graf Hugo von Waldbott-Bassenheim (1820-1895); Buxheim sale, probably lot 2990. Maggs Brothers Ltd; note on the front pastedown mentioning ‘1940' and ‘32A', but the catalogue has not been identified. James Patrick Ronaldson Lyell (1871-1949); purchased from Maggs on 1 Jan. 1941 for £50. 0. 0. (Maggs's bill, Bodleian Library, MS. Eng. c. 3212, fol. 22); inside the front cover of vol. 2 a cutting from the sale catalogue from which Lyell purchased this book; oval green leather book-plate, gilded, with crest and motto. Presented by him in 1944.

SHELFMARK: Inc. b. G5.1474.1-2.

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