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Bod-Inc: R-091

Rodericus Zamorensis

Speculum vitae humanae, et al.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r [Versified explicit.] Incipit: ‘Edidit hoc lingue clarissima norma latine | Excelsi ingenii uir Rodoricus opus'; 3 elegiac distichs.

a2r ‘De materiis pertractandis in primo libro et de tabula capitulorum eius'.

a7r ‘Repertorium siue tabula per alphabetum'.

b3r [Opening.] Incipit: ‘Ad sanctissimum et beatissimum dominum dominum Paulum secundum pontificem . . .’

b3r Rodericus Zamorensis: [Dedicatory letter addressed to] Paulus II, Pont. Max. Incipit: ‘Cogitanti mihi hanc munitissimam Romane tue urbis . . .’

b5r Rodericus Zamorensis: Speculum vitae humanae. ‘Prefatio'. Incipit: ‘[V]erum B. pater ut aptior dulciorque sit . . .’

b7v Rodericus Zamorensis: Speculum vitae humanae. Incipit: ‘[S]uper cunctas humanas temporalesque dignitates . . .’ See R‑083.

y8v [Colophon.]

A1r [Second title-page.]

A2r Ars moriendi. ‘Speculum artis bene moriendi perutilis'. Incipit: ‘[C]um de presentis exilii miseria mortis transitus . . .’ See Bloomfield 1076. On the authorship, see A‑440; on the two versions, see O'Connor, Art of Dying, 7-10.

2a1r [Dionysius] Carthusiensis [pseudo-; Jacobus de Gruytrode; Jacobus de Clusa; Gerardus de Schiedam pseudo-]: Speculum aureum animae peccatricis. See A‑569.

aa1r Augustinus [pseudo-; Bernardus de Parentinis]: De dignitate sacerdotum. Incipit: ‘[O] veneranda sacerdotum dignitas, in quorum manibus dei filius velud in vtero virginis incarnatur . . .’ On authorship see CIBN, with reference to Walther, Initia, 13034.

aa2r [Vita Udonis episcopi.] ‘Hystoria horrenda terribilisque nimis de quodam Magdeburgensis ecclesie Arciepiscopo Udone nuncupato'. Incipit: ‘[A]nno domini nonagentesimo Ottone tertio imperante apud Parthinopolim . . .’ Explicit: seuissimam ac iustissimam vltionem BSB‑Ink notes that this work comes from Speculum exemplorum, ‘Dist. 9, CLXXV'.

aa7v [Mapes, Walter pseudo-: Golias ad Christi sacerdotes.] See A‑572; generally printed with the pseudo-Augustine's De dignitate sacerdotum; see GW 2947-48.

2A1r Dionysius Carthusiensis: Speculum conversionis peccatorum. Dionysius Carthusiensis, Opera omnia, 39 (Tournai, 1912), 397-420. See Dionysius Carthusiensis, Opera selecta, ed. Kent Emery, IA, CCCM, 121 (Turnhout, 1991), 244, no. 123; see Bloomfield 985. The author is here called Dyonisius de Leuivis alias Rickel'.

D6r ‘Tabula articulorum'.

D6v [Colophon.]

3a1r ‘Opusculum de horis canonicis dicendis siue cantandis'. Incipit: ‘  “[S]epties in die laudem dixi tibi” [Ps 118,164]. Quamvis deus semper et in omni tempore . . .’ Explicit: et spiritussanctus amen See Thomas Hohmann, ‘Initienregister der Werke Heinrichs von Langenstein', Traditio, 32 (1976), 399-423, at 418, no. 212. Authorship attributed to pseudo-Henricus de Hassia [Langenstein] by Sack; to Henricus de Bitterfeld by CIBN and BSB‑Ink. For the arrangement of the tracts, which can be found in any order, by gatherings, see BMC VIII 405;


Imprint: Besançon: [Petrus Metlinger], 1488. 4°.


Collation: a–l8 m12 n–y A B8 C6 2a–d aa 2A–D 3a8.

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ir00228000

Hain: HC 13947;

Goff: Goff R‑228;


Proctor: Pr 8791;

Others: BSB‑Ink S‑65; CIBN R‑149; Hillard 1756; Oates 3284-5; Sack, Freiburg, 3084; Sheppard 6833.

LCN: 14075795


Copy number: R-091(1)

Bound with H‑239; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 200 × 135 mm.

The ‘tractatus de horis canonicis', a single gathering of 8 leaves signed3 a (wanting in BL copy) is here bound last.

Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, and ‘nota' marks in an early English hand.

SHELFMARK: Douce 125(1).

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