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Bod-Inc: R-104

Rolewinck, Werner

Fasciculus temporum.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Table.]

[b1r] [Rolewinck, Werner: Prologue.] Incipit: ‘  “[G]eneratio et generatio . . . pronunciabunt” [Ps 144,4] scribitur Psalmo 144. Cum non sine multa diligentia . . .’

[b2v] [Rolewinck, Werner]: Fasciculus temporum. Incipit: ‘  “[I]n principio creauit Deus celum et terram” [Gn 1,1]. Dicit beatus Augustinus . . .’ Expl: resistendum se disponeret. In the colophon on [h8v] Ther Hoernen claims to have used the copy prepared by the author, and to have brought the chronicle up to the year 1474; see Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, 410. On the chronology of this edition's four issues and Götz's edition, see Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, 410-13; A. G. W. Murray, The Edition of the ‘Fasciculus Temporum' printed by Arnold Ther Hoernen in 1474 (London, 1913), 7-18; R‑104(1) and R‑104(2), belonging to the first issue of this edition, are mentioned at 18. On the Fasciculus see VL VIII 153-8, at 156-7; Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, 413-16.

[h8v] [Colophon.] ‘Hec cronica quae dicitur fasciculus temporum . . . sicut ab autore suo quodam deuoto carthusiensi Colonie edita est, ac secundum primum exemplar quod ipse uenerabilis autor propriis conscripsit manibus, ad finem usque deducta per me Arnoldum Ther Huernen sub annis domini M. cccc. lxxiiii'.


Imprint: Cologne: Arnold Ther Hoernen, 1474. Folio.

Remarks: Two versions of the ‘Tabula' are known, consisting of eight or nine leaves; see Murray, 9-10; Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, 418-21.


Collation: [a8 b–e10 f–h8].

Illustrations: Woodcuts.


ISTC: ir00254000

Hain: HC 6918;

Goff: Goff R‑254;

BMC: BMC I 204;

Proctor: Pr 935, 939;

Others: Baer, Die Illustrierten Historienbücher, p. xvi, no. 86; BSB‑Ink R‑232; CIBN R‑161; Oates 425; Rhodes 1520; Schramm VIII p. 17; Schreiber V 5106; Sheppard 731-2; Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, Table B; Voulliéme, Köln, 1026.

LCN: 14111069, 14112489


Copy number: R-104(1)

Bound with B‑086; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 296 × 206 mm.

With the reprinted table on eight leaves, but without the supplement on [h6v].

Occasional marginal notes in a fifteenth-century north-west German hand, extracting phrases from the text, and supplying gathering and folio numbers, and further historical observations. On [h5v]: ‘Anno domino 1386 fuit magna discordia inter regem Francie et Anglie | Anno domini 1371 in die Tymothei fuit bellum Campestre in terra Iuliacensi ubi | dux Brabancie captus fuit dux Gelrie interfectus'; on [h6r] ‘1309 studium Colonensis inceptum fuit circa illa tempora et tempore Frederici archiepiscopi Colonensis comes Monten̄ ratus(?) fuit in ducem'; on [h6v]: ‘Anno domini 1400 fuit bellum magnum in comitatu Cliuensi in quo bello comes Montrus prostratus ad mlix alijs'. For the note on [h8v] see B‑086.

Some initials in the table and on [b1r] and [b2v] are supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 4.17(1).

Copy number: R-104(2)

With the reprinted table on eight leaves, but without the supplement on [h6v]. In this copy the cuts of Nineveh and Trèves have changed places and the description beneath the former is differently set in two lines.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers; gilt-edged leaves; green paper pastedowns; brown silk bookmark. Scar of a red leather index tab on [h8].

Size: 290 × 218 × 26 mm.

Size of leaf: 285 × 210 mm.

Occasional marginal notes in contemporary German hands, providing additions to the table, folio numbers, and glosses on and additions to the text. On [h8v] an anonymous continuation of the chronicle until 1494 in fifteenth-century German hands, incipit: ‘1474 Nussia grauissime oppugnatur a Carolo duce, qui partes Roberti archiepiscopi Coloniae adiuuit per x menses continue eam impellendo . . .'; explicit: ‘ . . . Alexander VI [Pont. Max.] 1494 adhuc adolescens factus(?) fuit cardinalis a Calixto auunculuo suo'. On [a1r] in a sixteenth-century German hand: ‘In laüde aüthoris distychon. | Historias mundi sophiae: docümenta probatae | Verner agnouit: nil nisi φιλάρετος ’.

On [b1r] a five-line German initial ‘G' is supplied in red with reserved white decoration, surrounded by a square frame of green pen-work, and with filigree extensions into the margin also in green. Initials in the table and at the beginning of the text are supplied in red, some with reserved white decoration; capital strokes and underlining are also supplied in red.

Provenance: Cologne, Carthusians, S. Barbara; ‘pertinet Carthus' in Colonia'. Sir Mark Masterman Sykes (1771-1823); see book-plate on front pastedown, his shelfmark (‘Cab. [V?] 1 R 2.57. MMS. Sledmere') on verso of front endleaf; his sale (1824), lot 1229. Purchased for £4. 10. 0; see ‘Catalogus Bibliothecae Novae', fol. 174v; and inscription on recto of second front endleaf; Books Purchased (1824), 10.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q inf. 1.2.

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