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Bod-Inc: R-106

Rolewinck, Werner

Fasciculus temporum.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Table.]

[b1r] [Rolewinck, Werner: Prologus.] Incipit: ‘  “[G]eneratio et generatio . . . pronunciabunt” [Ps 144,4] scribitur Psalmo 144. Cum non sine multa diligentia . . .’

[b2v] [Rolewinck, Werner]: Fasciculus temporum. Incipit: ‘  “[I]n principio creauit Deus celum et terram” [Gn 1,1]. Dicit beatus Augustinus . . .’ Explicit: ‘stendum se disponeret'. See R‑104; the text in this edition is derived from that in Ther Hoernen's eight-leaf-index issue; see R‑104 and Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, 418-19.


Imprint: Louvain: Johann Veldener, 29 Dec. [1475]. Folio.

Remarks: The colophon reads ‘M.cccc.lxxvi q̃rto kalēdas ianuarias scd'm stilum romane curie'.


Collation: [a8 b–e10 f–h8].

Illustrations: Woodcuts.


ISTC: ir00256000

Hain: HC 6920;

Goff: Goff R‑256;

BMC: BMC IX 136;

Proctor: Pr 9204;

Others: Amelung, ‘Niederländische Inkunabeln', 58; Baer, Die Illustrierten Historienbücher, p. xvi, no. 99; BSB‑Ink R‑233; Boekdrukkunst, 74a, 74d; Campbell 1478; CIBN R‑163; HPT II 432; ILC 1882; Oates 3688-9; Rhodes 1522; Schreiber V 5106b; Sheppard 7068-9; Stillwell, ‘Fasciculus Temporum’, 418 and Table C. Microfiche: Unit 4: Chronicles and Historiography: Part I, CH 63.

LCN: 14111107, 14111110


Copy number: R-106(1)

Wanting the leaves [a1-2].

Leaf [h8] backed.

Binding: Seventeenth/eighteenth-century brown sheep; the spine gold-tooled; marbled pastedowns.

Size: 312 × 226 × 28 mm.

Size of leaf: 302 × 214 mm.

Folio numbers and scribbles are supplied in fifteenth-century north European hands.

One- to five-line initials, paragraph marks, capital strokes, and underlining are supplied in red in a north European hand.

Provenance: Deodatus Delneffe (late sixteenth /early seventeenth century); inscription ‘Deodatus Delneffe' on [g2v]. Revd Lansdown Guilding (1797-1831); inscription on verso of front endleaf: ‘Presented by . . . the Rev. L. Guilding. B. A. F[ellow of the] L[innean] Soc[iety]'. Acquired in 1819.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 4.17.

Copy number: R-106(2)

Wanting the leaves [b1] and [b5].

Leaf [c1] is misbound before [b10].

Binding: Twentieth-century dark pink morocco, bound by McLeish; parchment pastedowns.

Size: 302 × 222 × 29 mm.

Size of leaf: 297 × 214 mm.

Notes in a fifteenth-century English hand on the front pastedown: ‘Philippus imperator rom. a[nn]o domin[i] 714(?) quidam ymagines auferre uoluerunt uelut idolatriae cultu'; ‘Aripertus longobardorum rex per totum regnum secrete | ire solitus fuit, et quarere de singulis qualem iusticiam sui uasalli populo faciebant . . . 714' (both paraphrasing parts of the chronicle on leaf [f5v]). Some marginal notes supplying ‘nota' marks, underlining, and extracting sections of text, also a few notes in a later English hand, supplying additions to the text.

The woodcuts are painted in various colours. One- to three-line initials are supplied in blue or red; ‘capitula' and capital strokes, and folio numbers are supplied in red.

Provenance: P[anume] Potton; ‘Panvme Pottonis' on the front pastedown. Thomas Ampp (fl. c.1500); inscription on verso of rear endleaf: ‘Iste liber constat domino Thomae Ampp s[cilicet] precium vis viiid'. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); armorial book-plate. Purchased from Henry Cecil Sotheran(?) in 1930 for £8. 8. 0; accession no. ‘1317'. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 97.2.

Copy number: R-106(3)

Wanting gathering [b], which is provided from a copy of Cologne: Arnold Ther Hoernen, 1474 (see R‑104).

Another issue, with a continuation of the text printed together with the unaltered colophon on the last page (blank in the other copies).

Binding: Nineteenth-century gold-tooled mottled calf; the title and printer's name on a red leather label on the spine; marbled pastedowns.

Size: 319 × 227 × 24 mm.

Size of leaf: 303 × 213 mm.

Marginal notes in a sixteenth-century German hand, providing ‘nota' marks, letters, and gathering and folio numbers.

One- to five-line initials, paragraph marks, capital strokes, and underlining are supplied in red.

Provenance: Groenendael, Brabant, Augustinian Canons, BVM and Johannes Baptista; ‘Liber monasterij Viridis vallis' on [a1r]. Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 265.

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