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Bod-Inc: R-145

Rudolphus de Scherenberg, Episcopus Herbipolensis

Proclamation suspending and relaxing excommunications and interdict.


Analysis of Content

Printed side Rudolphus de Scherenberg, Episcopus Herbipolensis: [Proclamation suspending and relaxing excommunications and interdict.] The interdict and other ecclesiastical censures were imposed in the course of the contest, 1480-2, between the Bishop of Würzburg and Albert III Achilles, Elector of Brandenburg and Burggraf of Nuremberg, concerning the taxation of the clergy. They are declared to be suspended, except in the rural chapters of Zenn and Windsheim and the towns of Krelsheim and Leutershausen, in view of the approach of Passiontide and the Easter solemnities; see Politische Correspondenz des Kurfürsten Albrecht Achilles, III, ed. F. Priebatsch, Publicationen aus den K. Preussischen Staatsarchiven, 71 (Leipzig, 1898), passim.


Imprint: [Würzburg: Georg Reyser, c.1482]. Broadside.


Types: Type: 180 (175) G.

Type area: Width of line: 295 mm.

Remarks: Printed side, l. 1: ‘renbergen̄qƺ Burggrauij ⁊c. Sacri romani imperij prīcipis electoris temeraria pecuni | rū impoſitōeƺ [et] nōnll'a mādata inhibitōeſqƺ certis ī locis nr̄e dioceſis herbn̄ Clero nr̄o | inibi factā factāqƺ [et] factas Apl'ica breuia amonitōeſqƺ nr̄as [et] demū Excōication̄ diuīorū | qƺ ceſſation̄ [et] ſtrictiſſimi eccl'iaſticiqƺ īterdicti ceſſus . . . in [et] ad loca p̄dicta tuitōe [et] defen= | ſione cleri nr̄i eccl'iaſticeqƺ libertat' . . . decreuī[us] [et] emiſerī[us]  . . .'; last line (44): ‘thurificatio aliqa ſolēnis Ad eccl'ias āt [et] cimiteria ſic ut p̄mittitþ execratas [et] violatas ex= |'.


ISTC: ir00349285

Proctor: Pr 2674;

Others: Sheppard 1931-2.

LCN: 14052672


Copy number: R-145(1)

The head of the sheet has been cropped, with some loss of text. Backed.

Binding: Bound in a modern guard-book of fragments, assembled in 1954.

Size of leaf: 471 × 400 mm.

Provenance: Acquired by 1954.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. 4Q 1.21(10).

SHELFMARK: Arch. B b.5(12).

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