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Bod-Inc: S-027

Sallustius Crispus, Gaius

Opera: Bellum Catilinae; Bellum Iugurthinum, et al. (ed. Justinianus Romanus).


Analysis of Content

A2r [Sallustius Crispus, Gaius: Bellum Catilinae.] Sal. Cat. All works in this volume are edited by Justinianus Romanus; see his note to the reader on D6r.

B2v [Sallustius Crispus, Gaius: Bellum Iugurthinum.] Sal. Iug.

D2v [Squarzaficus, Hieronymus]: ‘Crispi Salustii oratoris clarissimi uita.’ Allenspach–Frasso 277-8. See S‑013.

D3r Sallustius Crispus, [Gaius pseudo-]: ‘in M. T. Ciceronem Inuectiua'. [Sal.] Cic. On the authorship see S‑013.

D3v Cicero, M[arcus] T[ullius pseudo-]: ‘In Crispum Salustium Responsio seu inuectiua'. [Cic.] Sal. See S‑013.

D4v [Sergius] Catilina, Lucius [pseudo-]: ‘Oratio responsiua in Marcum Tullium Ciceronem'. Incipit: ‘Omnis homines qui in maximis principatibus uitam agunt aut qui de rebus publicis . . .’ See S‑015.

D6r Justinianus Romanus: [Note addressed to the reader]. Incipit: ‘Si Crispi Salustii laudes tibi breuius expedire potuissem . . .’ Romanus recommends his version of Sallust.

D6r [Table.]

D6r ‘Registrum'.


Imprint: [Venice]: Johannes Rubeus Vercellensis and Franciscus de Madiis, [c.1486]. Folio.

Remarks: Wrongly identified by Pr as BMC V 420. Doubtfully identified by R as H 14193, though H's entry may refer to either edition.


Collation: A–D6.

Types: Type: 82 (79) R. The type measures 79 mm, as in Scriptores historiae augustae, 15 July 1490.

Leaves: 24 leaves, the first blank.

Line number: 58 lines (A3r).

Type area: Type area: 231 ×146 mm (A3r).

Remarks: Capital spaces. Leaf A2r: ‘oMNES homines qui ſeſe ſtudent præſtare cæteris animalibus: ſumma ope niti | decet ne uitam ſilentio tranſeant . . .'; D6r, l. 18: ‘Iuſtinianus Romanus Lectori Salutem. | Si Criſpi Saluſtii laudes tibi breuius expedire potuiſſem: eram id tibi libenter præſtiturus cā- | dide lector. Nunc urbaniſſimi poetæ teſtimonio contētus: accipe Romanæ hiſto- | riæ principem: tibi diligenti recognitione impreſſum. Ac dum legeris | Ioannem Vercellenſem opificem: : Et Franciſcum cognomen | to madium impreſſionis auctorem: quorum uo- | luntatem ſequuti: laborem hunc liben- | ter ſuſcepimus: ut debes ama | & ſi hoc nimiū cen | ſes dilige ſaltē. Vale. || Habes hæc omnia uno uolumine complexa || . . .'; D6r, par. 4: ‘A Regiſtrum C | . . . |'; (col. 2): ‘libidinem'.


ISTC: is00074000

Hain: HR 14193;

Goff: Goff S‑74;

Proctor: Pr 5119;

Others: BSB‑Ink S‑42; Oates 2010; Sheppard 4117-8.

LCN: 14077110


Copy number: S-027(1)

Wanting the blank(?) leaf A1.

The false date ‘MCCCCLXXVI' is stamped below the register.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half dark blue morocco over grey cloth.

Size: 291 × 202 × 9 mm.

Size of leaf: 284 × 193 mm.

A few marginal and interlinear notes in a contemporary Italian hand, mainly providing corrections to the text and synonyms. The same hand supplied drawings of stars and jottings in Latin and Italian on D6v, including Disticha Catonis, I 28. Folio numbers are supplied in a sixteenth-century Italian(?) hand.

On A2r a six-line initial ‘O' is supplied in blue, the space within the body of the initial left blank, on a square filled with a red trellis design and outlined in yellow. Foliate extensions into the inner and upper margins are coloured in green, red, and yellow. On D2v an initial ‘C' is supplied in red and filled with black pen-work. Elsewhere four-line initials and pilcrows are supplied in red or blue.

Provenance: ‘Petrus T/Si[ ]ij'(?) (sixteenth century). Acquired before 1922; see card from V. Scholderer attached to front pastedown.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q 3.31.

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