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Bod-Inc: S-068

Savonarola, Hieronymus

De simplicitate christianae vitae [Italian] Libro della semplicità della vita cristiana (trans. Girolamo Benivieni).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a1v Benivieni, Girolamo: [Letter addressed to] Antonio Manetti. Incipit: ‘[P]erche ciascuno chome tu sai e al suo proximo debitore . . .’

a2r Savonarola, Hieronymus: Libro della semplicità della vita cristiana. ‘Epistola . . . sopra e' libri della simplicità della uita cristiana'. Translated from Latin into Italian by Girolamo Benivieni. Girolamo Savonarola, De simplicitate christianae vitae, ed. P. G. Ricci (Rome, [1959]), 139-256.


Imprint: Florence: Lorenzo Morgiani, for Piero Pacini, 31 Oct. 1496. 4°.


Collation: a–e8 f6 2f4+1+1* g8.

Illustrations: Woodcut and woodcut initials.


ISTC: is00272000

Hain: HCR 14358;

Goff: Goff S‑272;

BMC: BMC VI 685;

Proctor: Pr 6364;

Others: Audin 54; CIBN S‑140; Kristeller 392b; Rhodes 1590; Sander 6842; Scapecchi, Savonarola, no. 50; Sheppard 5250.

LCN: 14075435


Copy number: S-068(1)

The collation of this copy differs both from that recorded in BMC (` . . . f6-1 f6+1  . . .') and that noted by Sheppard for this copy (` . . . f6 f8  . . .'). Sheppard seems to be mistaken in his collation, in that there are only 12 leaves (rather than his 14) bearing the signature ‘f . . .': first, there is a gathering of six leaves, signed fi–v, ii, the last signature presumably in error for fvi (and so corrected in pencil in this copy); second, there is a gathering of four leaves, signed fvii–x; and finally there are two leaves, signed fxi and fxii, which do not appear to be conjugate, although, given the tightness of the binding, it is not possible to be absolutely certain.

Previously part of a tract volume which in the British Museum Library had the shelfmark 852.1; before being split up by the British Museum, this volume also contained:
1. S‑085;
2. S‑071;
3. Hieronymus Savonarola, Dell'amore di Gesù. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, between 1492 and Sept. 1495]; BMC VI 658 (IA.27559); this item was previously the first in the tract volume and now contains the book-plate of Revd John Brand;
4. Hieronymus Savonarola, Expositio orationis dominicae [Italian]. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, between 1494 and Sept. 1495] BMC VI 659 (IA.27555);
5. Hieronymus Savonarola, Operetta sopra i dieci comandamenti di Dio. Florence: [Bartolommeo di Libri], 24 Oct. 1495 BMC VI 650 (IA.27314);
6. Hieronymus Savonarola, Vita viduale. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, before Sept. 1495?] BMC VI 659 (IA.27562);
7. Hieronymus Savonarola, Dell'orazione mentale. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, before Sept. 1495] BMC VI 658 (IA.27569);
8. Hieronymus Savonarola, Tractato dell'umiltà. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, before Sept. 1495?] BMC VI 659 (IA.27564);
9. Hieronymus Savonarola, Sermone dell'orazione. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, before Sept. 1495] BMC VI 659 (IA.27567);
10. Hieronymus Savonarola, Del sacramento della messa e regola utile. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, before Sept. 1495] BMC VI 659 (IA.27552);
11. Hieronymus Savonarola, Epistola alla Contessa della Mirandola. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, about 1495] BMC VI 664 (IA.27589);
12. Hieronymus Savonarola, Expositio in Psalmum LXXIX (80) ‘Qui regis Israel’ [Italian]. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, about 1496-97] BMC VI 664 (IA.27593);
13. Hieronymus Savonarola, Epistola a tutti gli eletti di Dio. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, after 8 May 1497] BMC VI 651 (IA.27335);
14. Hieronymus Savonarola, Contro gli astrologi. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, after 1497] BMC VI 661 (IA.27512);
15. Hieronymus Savonarola, Predica e revelazioni. Florence: [Bartolommeo di Libri], 5 Sept. 1495 BMC VI 650 (IA.27311);
16. Hieronymus Savonarola, De simplicitate christianae vitae [Italian]. Florence: Lorenzo Morgiani, for Piero Pacini, 31 Oct. 1496 BMC VI 685 (IA.27821);
17. Hieronymus Savonarola, Predica dell'arte del bene morire, il 2 Novembre 1496. [Florence: Bartolommeo di Libri, after 2 Nov. 1496] BMC VI 650 (IA.27321).

Binding: Blue morocco with gold-tooled fillets; bound for the British Museum in 1901, according to a note by A. W. Pollard, Library Records c.1054. Red-edged leaves.

Size: 206 × 142 × 13 mm.

Size of leaf: 200 × 132 mm.

A pointing hand on a5v, in an early hand in light brown ink.

Provenance: Revd John Brand (1744-1806); not identified in the catalogue of his sale. London, British Museum; no security stamp, indicating that it was broken up from a tract volume ‘852.1'; but ‘852.i.1(15)' is in pencil on the verso of the front endleaf; duplicate. Transferred to the Bodleian in Oct. 1913; see ‘List of Duplicate Incunabula' (Library Records c.1054), no. 23.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. I9.1496.1.

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