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Bod-Inc: S-119

Scriptores Historiae Augustae

Scriptores Historiae Augustae.


Analysis of Content

a1v Ausonius, [Decimus Magnus: De XII caesaribus.] ‘Versus Ausonii in libros Suetonii'. Prete 202-4 no. XXII.1-41 (Green 161-3 no. XXIII.1-41).

a2r Calderinus, Domitius: ‘De uita Caii Suetonii Tranquilli'. See S‑117.

a2r Calderinus, Domitius: [Continuation of Vita Suetonii and Commentary on Suetonius.] See S‑117.

a2v [Title-page.]

a3r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Diuus Iulius Caesar'. Suet. Jul.

b3r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Diuus Octauianus Caesar Augustus'. Suet. Aug.

c6v Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Tiberius Caesar'. Suet. Tib.

e1r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Caius Caligula Caesar'. Suet. Cal.

f1v Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Diuus Claudius Caesar'. Suet. Cl.

g1v Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Nero Claudius Caesar'. Suet. Nero.

h2v Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Sergius Galba imperator'. Suet. Gal.

h5v Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Otho Siluius imperator'. Suet. Otho.

i1r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Aulus Vitelius imperator'. Suet. Vit.

i3r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Imperator diuus Vespasianus augustus'. Suet. Ves.

i6r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Diuus Titus imperator augustus'. Suet. Tit.

k1r Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius: De vita Caesarum. ‘Diuus Domitianus imperator'. Suet. Dom.

k5r ‘Registrum'.

k5r [Ausonius, Decimus Magnus]: Tetrasticha. ‘Tetrastica de Caesaribus post Tranquillum'. Prete 208-9 nos 13-18 (Green 166-7).

k5v ‘De Suetonio'. Incipit: ‘Suetonius Lenis tertiaedecimae legionis tribunus . . .’ See S‑118.

k5v ‘Item de eodem'. Incipit: ‘C. Suetonius uisus est ea libertate scripsisse . . .’

A1r Aelius Spartianus: De vita Hadriani. [Scriptores Historiae Augustae.] Script. Hist. Aug. 1. See also S‑117, and Bellezza 24-5, no. 4.

A4v Aelius Spartianus: Aelius Verus. Script. Hist. Aug. 2.

A5v Iulius Capitolinus: Antoninus Pius. Script. Hist. Aug. 3.

A7v Iulius Capitolinus: Marcus Antoninus philosophus. Script. Hist. Aug. 4.

B3v Iulius Capitolinus: Verus. Script. Hist. Aug. 5.

B5r Aelius Spartianus: Didius Iulianus. Script. Hist. Aug. 9.

B6v Aelius Lampridius: Commodus Antoninus. Script. Hist. Aug. 7.

C3r Iulius Capitolinus: Pertinax. Script. Hist. Aug. 8.

C5r Vulcatius Gallicanus: Avidius. Script. Hist. Aug. 6.

D1r Aelius Spartianus: Severus. Script. Hist. Aug. 10.

D4r Aelius Spartianus: Pescennius Niger. Script. Hist. Aug. 11.

D6r Aelius Spartianus: Antoninus Caracallus. Script. Hist. Aug. 13.

E1r Aelius Spartianus: Antonius Geta. Script. Hist. Aug. 14.

E2r Aelius Lampridius: Antoninus Heliogabalus. Script. Hist. Aug. 17.

E5v Aelius Lampridius: Diadumenus Antoninus. Script. Hist. Aug. 16.

F1r Iulius Capitolinus: Opilius Macrinus. Script. Hist. Aug. 15.

F3r Iulius Capitolinus: Vita Clodii Albini. Script. Hist. Aug. 12.

F4v Aelius Lampridius: Alexander Severus. Script. Hist. Aug. 18.

G5v Iulius Capitolinus: Maximini duo. Script. Hist. Aug. 19.

H3v Iulius Capitolinus: Liber de rebus gestis Gordianorum. Script. Hist. Aug. 20.

I1r Iulius Capitolinus: Maximus. Script. Hist. Aug. 21. With two further lines at the end: ‘Sed Fortunatiano credamus . . . aboliti uideantur.’

I3v Trabellius Pollio: Valeriani duo. Incipit: ‘[V]alerianus imperator nobilis genere patre Valerio . . . cuius per annos septuaginta . . .’ Script. Hist. Aug. 22. The first 36 lines of the text in the ‘editio princeps' are here omitted. The text opens with two different lines, after which the rest of the text is the same.

I4r Iulius Capitolinus: Gallieni Duo. Script. Hist. Aug. 23.

I6r Iulius Capitolinus: Soloninus Gallienus. Followed by short entries for: Triginta tyranni; Cyriades Primus; Postumus Secundus; Postumus iunior tertius; Lollianus quartus; Victorinus quintus; Victorinus iunior sextus; Martius septimus; Ingenuus octauus; Regillianus Nonus; Aurelius decimus; Macrianus undecimus [not duodecimus as S‑117]; Macrianus iunior duodecimus; Quietus terciusdecimus; Odenatus quartusdecimus; Herodes quintusdecimus; Meonius sextusdecimus; Balista decimusseptimus; Valerius decimusoctauus; Piso decimusnonus; Aemilianus Vigesimus; Saturninus uigesimusprimus; Tetricus senior uigesimussecundus; Tetricus iunior uigesimustertius; Trebellianus uigesimusquartus; Herennianus vigessimusquintus; Timolaus uigesimussextus; Celsus uigesimusseptimus; Zenobia uigesima octaua; Victoria tricesima; Titus; Censorinus. Script. Hist. Aug. 24.

K5v Trabellius Pollio: Divus Claudius. Script. Hist. Aug. 25.

L1v Flavius Vopiscus: Divus Aurelianus. Script. Hist. Aug. 26.

L6v Flavius Vopiscus: Tacitus. Florianus. Script. Hist. Aug. 27.

M2v Flavius Vopiscus: Probus. Script. Hist. Aug. 28.

M5v Flavius Vopiscus: Firmus Saturninus Proculus et Bonosus. Script. Hist. Aug. 29.

N1v Flavius Vopiscus: De Numeriano. De Carino. Script. Hist. Aug. 30.

N2v Eutropius: Breviarium historiae Romanae (I–X). See S‑117.

Q2r Paulus Diaconus: [Continuation of Breviarium historiae Romanae.] Historia romana. See S‑118.

R8r [List of contents.]

R8r [Colophon.] Incipit: ‘Habes candide lector Caesarum uitas paruo aere quas olim anxius quaerebas maxima lucubratione a uiris praestantissimis emendatas'.


Imprint: Venice: Johannes Rubeus Vercellensis, 15 July 1490. Folio.

Remarks: The first 13 gatherings also form the first part of the edition completed by Bernardinus Rizus (Goff S‑341; Bod-inc S‑118). Known also in a variant issue with additional quires, AA–CC, added by Albertinus Rubeus after 1500; cf. HC Addenda, 14563. CIBN describes a variant.


Collation: a–c8 d–k6 A8 B–Q6 R8.


ISTC: is00342000

Hain: HC *14563 (incl. HC 15114 = HCR 14560 = C 5670);

Goff: Goff S‑342;

BMC: BMC V 417; XII 29;

Proctor: Pr 5127;

Others: BSB‑Ink S‑231; CIBN S‑492; Hillard 1906; Sack, Freiburg, 3300; Sheppard 4116.

LCN: 14508705


Copy number: S-119(1)

Wanting gatherings a–k containing Suetonius.

Variants: A1r: ‘ . . . DIOCLITI | ANVM'. R8v (colophon): ‘ . . . Ioanem Rubeum'. In gathering A (except the second sheet), B, C, Q, and R the type measures 79 mm, as against 82 mm. in the rest of the book. It appears to be identical with the recast version of 82 R, as used by Capcasa; cf. BMC V 482.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf, with marbled paper boards; bound for Kloß.

Size: 314 × 227 × 20 mm.

Size of leaf: 307 × 216 mm.

On E2v a marginal note in Greek, red ink. The same hand, probably German, has heavily annotated the first and second book of Eutropius, mainly extracting key words.

Initials are supplied in red or blue and occasionally in interlocked red and blue. Paragraph marks and chapter-heading underlining in red.

Provenance: Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label; sale (1835), lot 2029; purchased for £0. 10. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 3.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P 5.7.

Copy number: S-119(2)

Suetonius only. Wanting a1,2 and gatherings A–R.

Binding: Eighteenth-century mottled sheep, the spine gold-tooled. Marbled-edged leaves; marbled pastedowns; green silk bookmark. ‘I. G. (black ink): 77 (red ink)' on a rectangular paper label pasted onto the upper left-hand corner of the front pastedown.

Size: 292 × 203 × 17 mm.

Size of leaf: 286 × 196 mm.

A marginal note, providing a variant reading, in a sixteenth-century hand in brown ink, on a4r.

Provenance: Richard Bolger Kerin (nineteenth century); armorial book-plate: gules, on a mount in base a tree proper(?), behind a greyhound courant, the shield surmounted by a helmet with mantling and the crest of an escallop, and with the motto: ‘Deus providebit' (for which see Elvin 44 (Bolger of Wexford)). Solomon Pottesman (1904-1978); purchased at his sale, lot 372, for £198.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. I4.1490.2.

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