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Bod-Inc: S-124

Scriptores Rei Rusticae

Scriptores rei rusticae (ed. Philippus Beroaldus, after Georgius Merula and Franciscus Colucia).


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.]

A1v [Merula] Alexandrinus, Georgius: [Letter addressed to] Petrus Priolus. Botfield 145-6.

A1v Beroaldus, Philippus: [Letter addressed to the reader.] Incipit: ‘[D]e agricolatione praecipere apud priscos . . .’ It implies that on the request of the printer, here Benedictus Hectoris, Beroaldus edited the entire volume. Beroaldus' editorial work is also mentioned in the second colophon.

A2r [Merula Alexandrinus, Georgius]: Enarrationes uocum priscarum [in libris de re rustica]. ‘Ennarrationes breuissimae priscarum uocum'. Incipit: ‘Oletum consitus olea locus . . .’ Explicit: sestertius dupondius et semis It includes excerpts from Cato, Varro, and Columella.

a1r [Merula] Alexandrinus, Georgius: [Letter addressed to] Bernardus Justinianus. Botfield 146-8.

a2r [List of contents for Cato.]

a4v Cato, Marcus [Porcius]: De agri cultura. Edited by Georgius Merula, as stated in his letter to Bernardus Justinianus. ‘De re rustica'. Cato Agr.

c8r [List of contents for Varro.]

d1v Varro, Marcus Terentius: Res rusticae [addressed to] his wife Fundania. Edited by Georgius Merula, as stated in his letter to Bernardus Justinianus. ‘Rerum rusticarum liber'. Var. R.

i4r [First colophon.]

i4v [List of contents for Columella.]

k1r Columella, Lucius Junius Moderatus: De re rustica. Edited by Georgius Merula, as stated in his letter to Bernardus Justinianus. Col.

4v [Laetus], Julius Pomponius: [Commentary to book XI.] ‘Iulii Pomponii Fortunati interpretatio in carminibus Collumellae'. Incipit: ‘[M]emorabile horti in fabulis . . .’

gg1v [Second colophon.]

gg2v [List of contents for Palladius.]

gg3r Palladius, Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus: Opus agriculturae. Edited by Franciscus Colucia, as stated in his letter to Nicolaus Jenson (S‑122). ‘De re rustica'. Pall. Op. Agr.

qq1v [Beroaldus, Philippus: Editorial note.] Incipit: ‘[H]ic Palladii libellus quamuis non adeo obscurus . . .’

qq2r Codrus, [Urceus, Antonius: Commentary to book XIV.] Incipit: ‘[A]liud testimonium. Quia precedentes xiii libri sunt testes fidei . . .’ See CTC III 198-9.

qq5r [Second colophon.]

qq5v [Register.]

qq6r Ugerius Pontremulensis, [Angelus: Verse addressed to] the reader. Incipit: ‘Ocia da fessis tandem studiose camaenis | Aoniique celer numina linque iugi'; 10 elegiac distichs.

qq6r Ugerius Pontremulensis, [Angelus: Verse addressed to] Benedictus [Hectoris]. Incipit: ‘Quas tibi nunc grates referat Benedicte iuuentus | Nocte die studiis quam uigilare iuuat'; 5 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Bologna: Benedictus Hectoris, 19 Sept. 1494. Folio.


Collation: A6 B a–f8 g h6 i8 k–z &6 [con] 4 aa8 bb–ee6 ff4 gg–oo6 pp4 qq6.


ISTC: is00348000

Hain: HC *14568;

Goff: Goff S‑348;

BMC: BMC VI 841;

Proctor: Pr 6626;

Others: BSB‑Ink S‑234; CIBN S‑176; Rhodes 1600; Sheppard 5381. Microfiche: Unit 25: Italian Humanism: Part II, IH 169.

LCN: 14029171


Copy number: S-124(1)

Binding: Contemporary German (unidentified, Kyriß workshop no. 170) blind-tooled half pigskin over wooden boards. Intersecting triple fillets form a frame; within the frame curved-outline tools make up merrythoughts, each containing a lozenge-shaped floral stamp; a six-petalled floral stamp is found at the intersection of the fillets and within the frame; see Kyriß pl. 341 nos 2, 4, and 8. Two metal clasps and remains of metal catches. Bodleian leather label on both covers. Manuscript title and ‘87' in black ink on the upper cover. Seventeenth-century(?) manuscript title in brown ink on a square paper label at the head of the spine. Strips from a fifteenth-century(?) liturgical manuscript, probably German, are visible in the binding.

Size: 314 × 225 × 70 mm.

Size of leaf: 307 × 214 mm.

‘M | II | 75' in red crayon in the upper left-hand corner of Knoeringen's book-plate.

Provenance: Johannes Aegolph Knoeringen, Canon of Würzburg (fl. 1565); armorial book-plate with 17 printed Latin distichs by Hartmannus Schopperus; the woodcut signed by I[ost] A[mman]; see Warnecke 1019. Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label; sale (1835), lot 3378; purchased for £1. 1. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 24.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P 5.28.

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