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Bod-Inc: S-235

Sixtus IV, Pont. Max.

Summaria declaratio bullae indulgentiarum ecclesiae Xanctonensi et pro tuitione fidei concessarum.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Peraudi, Raimundus]: Summaria declaratio bullae indulgentiarum ecclesiae Xantonensi et pro tuitione fidei concessarum. Incipit: ‘[P]rimo notandum est quod quatuor gratie principaliter conceduntur . . .’ See Nikolaus Paulus, ‘Raimund Peraudi als Ablaßkommissar', Historisches Jahrbuch, 21 (1900), 642-82, at 662-3.

[a1r] Sixtus IV, Pont. Max.: Bulla 3 Aug. 1476 ‘Salvator noster'. See Paulus, ‘Raimund Peraudi', 648.

[a4v] Gregorius I, Pont. Max.: Dialogi [excerpt:] book II cap. xxiii. ‘De ancillis dei que post mortem pro oblatione eius comunioni snnt(!) reddite. Capitulo .xxiiii.'. Incipit: ‘Vix ipsa Petre communis eius locutio a uirtutis erat pondere uacua . . .’ Explicit: firmitas dei See S‑226.

[a5r] Thomas Aquinas [pseudo-; Ripelin Argentinensis, Hugo]: Compendium theologicae veritatis [excerpt:] book VII cap. vi. ‘Vide etiam capittulum de suffragiis defunctorum in compendio theologice ueritatis secundum Thomam intitulatum. Utrum indulgencie defunctis ualeant'. Incipit: ‘Papales indulgentie prosunt defunctis . . .’ Explicit: papa uero utramque(!) potest Albertus Magnus, Opera omnia, ed. A. Borgnet (Paris, 1890-99), XXXIV 1-270, at 240-1; Kaeppeli II no. 1982. The two extracts from Gregory I and Hugh of Strasburg are inserted within Peraudi's text.

[a6v] [Note on the approval of the indulgence by Innocent VIII.] ‘Sanctissimus dominus noster Innocentius papa octauus et modernus predictas indulgentiam(?) usque ad finem Aprilis per quasdam bullas expeditas in mense decembris ultime lapso prolongauit concessit et denuo approbauit'.


Imprint: [Münster in Westfalen: Johann Limburg, c.1485-6]. Folio.


Collation: [a6].

Types: Type: 81 G. Capital spaces.

Leaves: 6 leaves.

Line number: 50 lines ([a2r]).

Type area: Type area: 201 ×140 mm ([a2r]).

Remarks: Leaf [a1r]: ‘¶ Summaria declaratio bulle indulgentiarum eccleſie Xancton̄ eiuſdeƺ | [et] tuitione fidei conceſſarum || [P]Rimo notandum eſt quatuor gratie principaliter ɂcedun . . .'; [a6v], l. 22: ‘ . . . Et nihilominus mandamus angelis paradiſi quatenus animam illius a purgatorio prorſus | abſolutam in paradiſi gloriam introducant'.


ISTC: is00583300

Proctor: Pr 3157;

Others: Sheppard 2213.

LCN: 14122780


Copy number: S-235(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century paper boards covered with marbled paper, with manuscript title and typographic detail on a rectangular azure paper label pasted onto the head of the upper cover; bound for Kloß.

Size: 300 × 215 × 6 mm.

Size of leaf: 298 × 211 mm.

On [a4r] a marginal note, extracting a key word, in an early hand in light brown ink. Other marginal notes, mostly extracting key words and providing corrections to the text, in Mendham's hand, including the following note on the verso of the front endleaf: ‘Reprinted by me in “Venal Indulgences” etc. [J. Mendham, The Venal Indulgences and Pardons of the Church of Rome Exemplified in a Summary of an Indulgence of Sixtus IV, with Observations (London, 1839)] and presented to the Bodleian Library, Oxford. J. Mendham, 1851'.

On [a1r] a six-line initial ‘P' is supplied in red with reserved white decoration.

Provenance: Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label; not identified in sale (1835). Revd Joseph Mendham (1769-1856). Presented in 1851.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 3.23.

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