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Bod-Inc: S-240

Soccus, Frater Ord. Cisterciensis

Sermones de tempore.


Analysis of Content

A2r [Alphabetical list of contents.] A subject list of contents for the winter part, with reference to the sermon number.

a1r Soccus, Frater Ord. Cisterciensis: Sermones de tempore [pars hyemalis]. ‘Prologus'.’ Incipit: ‘  “[E]xurge a mortuis et illuminabit te Christus” [Eph 5,14]. Cogitanti mihi quod deum patrem peccatis meis grauiter offenderim . . .’ See Schneyer, Repertorium, I nos 1-18 (different ending), 20-5, 30, 26-7, 29, 31-6, 40, 37-8, 41-2, 44-56 (56 different ending), 57, 61, 58-60, 62-119, 121, 120, 122-31. For authorship see S‑239.

ee3v Soccus, Frater Ord. Cisterciensis: Sermones per Quadragesimam. Incipit: ‘Quicumque predicare uoluerit diebus singulis per .xl. recipiat sermones subnotatos. Feria .iiii. in capite ieiunii . . .’ Inserted after sermon no. ‘91' [94 in Schneyer].

oo4r Soccus, Frater Ord. Cisterciensis: [Sermones post palmarum.] ‘De operibus secunde diei post palmarum'.’ Incipit: ‘[S]equitur uidere de operibus secunde diei . . .’ It is followed by three more sermons.

2A2r Soccus, Frater Ord. Cisterciensis: Sermones de tempore [pars aestivalis]. Incipit: ‘[A]lleluia. Dicit Gregorius qui ad uere predicationis uerba se preparat . . .’ See Schneyer I nos 132-7, 139-65, 167, 166, 168-79, 181, 180, 182-4, 186-9, 191-208, 209-17, 219, 223, 220-2, 225-47, 249, 250-2, 254, 255-6, 260, 264-5.

BB8r Soccus, Frater Ord. Cisterciensis: ‘Dominica nona sermo de epistola quod deus quinque modis est nobiscum . . . Sermo .lxxiiii.’ Incipit: ‘[F]idelis deus qui non patietur uos temptari . . .’ Inserted between sermons 208 and 209.

[*1v] [Alphabetical list of contents.] A subject list of contents for the summer part, with reference to the sermon number.


Imprint: Deventer: Richard Pafraet, 1480. Folio.


Collation: Vol. 1: A12 a–z [et] aa–qq8 rr ss6; vol. 2: [*]12 2A–I 2k L–Z AA–II 2kk LL–SS8 TT VV6 XX8.

Remarks: Gathering [*] is numbered, but not signed.


ISTC: is00588000

GW: GW 7409 and VII col. 10;

Hain: HC 14825;

Goff: Goff S‑588;


Proctor: Pr 8947;

Others: Campbell–Kronenberg 1540; CIBN S‑234; Hillard 1841; HPT II 405; ILC 2002; Oates 3423; Sheppard 6917.

LCN: 14124792


Copy number: S-240(1)

Bound in two volumes. Vol. 1 = Auct. 1Q 4.33; vol. 2 = Auct. 1Q 4.32.

Wanting the blank leaf A1. Gathering [*] bound at the end.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf over pasteboards; sprinkled red-edged leaves.

Size: 277 × 217/212 × 65/60 mm.

Size of leaf: 268 × 188/195 mm.

Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key sentences, in the original owner's hand in light brown ink.

On a1r of vol. 1 a seven-line initial ‘E' is supplied in interlocked red and blue with red pen-work decoration; a yellow, green, and pink floral and foliate extension departs from the letter into the outer margin. On2 A2r of vol. 2 a six-line initial ‘A' is supplied in blue with white pen-work decoration within a square gold ground edged in black. Along the space between the two columns of text a branch of a tree decorated with foliate and floral subjects in green, blue, and red, extends itself into the lower margin to form a border. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Squashed insect on A2r of vol. 1.

Provenance: Johannes Willbrordus; inscription on [*1r] of vol. 2: ‘Pertinet domino Willbrordo Iohannis presbitero in Zwolle'. Zwolle, Netherlands, Sisters of the Common Life; inscription on the same leaf: ‘Pertinet Conuentui te' Marienbusch ex testamento domini Wilbrordi Johannis vicarij ecclesie Zwollensis'. Héverlé, near Louvain, Celestines, S. Maria; inscription on the same leaf: ‘Ex cenobio Celestinorum beate Marie de Heverlis. Signatus S100 [S100 corrected in a later hand with:] Theca 32. n.' On the lower margin of A2r of vol. 1 the same inscription ending ‘Signatum S 99 [corrected to:] Theca 32. n.' Purchased by Heber for £7. 6. 0, according to the price in red ink in Heber's sale catalogue. Richard Heber (1773-1833); see Catalogue, part 2 (1834), lot 5773; sold for £0. 1. 0. Purchased for £0. 18. 0; see Books Purchased (1836), 31.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 4.32, 33.

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