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Bod-Inc: S-293

Statius, Publius Papinius



Analysis of Content

a1v Statius, [Publius] Papinius: Silvae. See S‑286. On its textual sources see Reeve, ‘Statius's Silvae’, 217. For the involvement of Bartholomaeus Fontius see E. Nesi, Il diario della Stampata di Ripoli (Florence, 1903), 46-7.


Imprint: Florence: Apud Sanctum Jacobum de Ripoli, 1480. Folio.

Remarks: This edition is dated to Nov. in M. Conway, The Diario of the Printing Press of San Jacopo di Ripoli, 1476-1484, Storia della tipografia e del commercio librario, 4 (Florence, 1999), 31, 68 note 9.


Collation: a–f8 g12.

Types: Type: 105 R.

Leaves: 60 leaves.

Line number: 35 lines (a3r).

Type area: Type area: 184 ×91 mm (a3r).


ISTC: is00699500

Hain: HR 14982;

Proctor: Pr 6107;

Others: CIBN S‑383; Sheppard 5080.

LCN: 14006339


Copy number: S-293(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century calf; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 295 × 206 × 18 mm.

Size of leaf: 288 × 192 mm.

Copious marginal notes in brown or red ink in the hand of Julius Pomponius Laetus, supplying corrections to the text, brackets, key words, Greek ‘nota' signs (including ‘Ch' denoting ‘ χ‘), rhetorical terms, historical information, and references to other ancient authors; see A. C. de la Mare, Autographs of Italian Humanists: An Exhibition to mark the Visit of the Association internationale de bibliophilie 10 December 1974 [at the Bodleian Library] (Oxford, 1974), 16; Reeve, ‘Statius's Silvae’, 217-18, notes that Paris, BnF, MS. lat. 8282 contains similar comments, and compares Laetus' textual work with that of Politianus. On g11v to g12r are supplied extracts from Claudius Claudianus, In Eutropium, II 238-73, with annotations mainly about Phrygia, and Claudianus, De Raptu Proserpinae, III 254-8, with a note on the Sirens; see Daniela Gionta, ‘Il Claudiano di Pomponio Leto', Filologia umanistica per Gianvito Resta, ed. Vincenzo Fera and Giacomo Ferraú, 3 vols, Medioevo e umanesimo, 94-6, (Padova, 1997), II 987-1032, at 1011, n. 34.

Provenance: Julius Pomponius Laetus (1428-1498); see manuscript notes. Purchased from Payne and Foss for £4. 4. 0: see Library Bills (1829-32), no. 93, and Books Purchased (1829), 20.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N inf. 1.6.

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