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Bod-Inc: S-297

Statuta Angliae, Nova Statuta


Analysis of Content

A2r [List of contents, by subject.] ‘Accusacions'. Incipit: ‘[N]ulle soit attache per son corps . . .’

a1r Edward Iii: Nova Statuta. Statutes of the Realm, ed. Record Commission, 12 vols (London, 1810-28), I 251-398 (years 17 and 46 not included).

k7r Richard Ii: Nova Statuta. Statutes of the Realm, II 1-110.

r7r Henry Iv: Nova Statuta. Statutes of the Realm, II 111-69.

x8r Henry V: Nova Statuta. Statutes of the Realm, II 170-212.

[et]7r Henry Vi: Nova Statuta. Statutes of the Realm, II 213-379.

kk4r Edward Iv: Nova Statuta. Statutes of the Realm, II 380-476.


Imprint: [London: William de Machlinia, after Mar. 1483–May 1485]. Folio.

Remarks: As dated by BMC; Sheppard dates [1484].


Collation: A10 B–E a–z [et] [con] aa–nn8 oo12 pp qq6.


ISTC: is00702000

Hain: HC 14993; C 5610;

Goff: Goff S‑702;


Proctor: Pr 9765;

Others: Beale, p. 3 (s1); CIBN S‑388; Duff 378; Oates 4183; Rhodes 1642; Sheppard 7516-17; STC 9264.

LCN: 14442408, 15596701


Copy number: S-297(1)

Wanting the blank leaves A1 and qq6.

Binding: Eighteenth-century(?) gold-tooled (fillet only) red sheep over pasteboards, with gilt title and typographical information on two rectangular green leather labels pasted onto the spine. Gilt-edged leaves and marbled pastedowns.

Size: 272 × 202 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 265 × 190 mm.

Occasional notes, mainly extracting key words, in an early English hand in light brown ink.

At the beginning of each book of statutes the initial is supplied in blue with reserved white decoration within a ground consisting of red pen-work decoration. Other initials are supplied in red.

Provenance: Date of acquisition unknown; presumably after 1738, as not identified by Sheppard in Fysher, Catalogus.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. QQ 51 Th. subt.; Auct. QQ sup. 2.14.

SHELFMARK: Arch. G d.28.

Copy number: S-297(2)

Consists of the following fragments:
(a) g2,3 (extracted from 4o D 24 Art. [Vita Henrici Chichele. Oxford: Joseph Barnes, 1617; Wilhelmus Schickardo, Examinis commentationum rabbinicarum in Mosen . . . Tubingen: Widow of Johan-Alexander Cellius, 1624; Christophorus Crinesius, Exercitationum Hebraicarum . . . pars prima . . . Nuremberg: Simon Halbmayerus, 1625; Johannes Gisenius, Vita academica ex scriptura potissimum sacra. Rinteln: Petrus Lucius, 1626; Christianus Liebenthal, De privilegiis studiosorum eorumque qui studiosis adiumento sunt et inserviunt. Rinteln: Petrus Lucius, 1635]);
(b) h2-8 (from AA 41 Art. Seld. [Conrad a Liechtenaw Urspergensis, Chronicon. Strasbourg: for Lazarus Zetznerus, 1609; with the following note: ‘Bought at Mr Prieleys Auction which began Nov. 2 1720 pret. 5s  6.'; with staple-marks of a hasp]);
(c) k4,5 (from ‘Arch. D 57 Galleus' [note on the leaf]; with staple-marks of a hasp);
(d) y3,6 y8 (from 8o M 123 Art. [L'unziesme tome du mercure francois, ou l'histoire de nostre temps . . . Paris: Jean & Etienne Richer, 1626]);
(e) z1,8 (from 4o M 44 Art. [Petrus Fonseca, Commentariorum . . . in Metaphysicorum Aristotelis Stagiritae decimum, undecimum et duodecimum, IV. Lyons: for Horatius Card[ ], 1612; Erycus Puteanus, Palaestra bonae mentis. Louvain: Bibliopolum Flavianum, 1611; formerly F 3.15 Art. (James, Catalogus (1620), 200)]);
(f) [et]3,4, [con]1,2,3,6,7,8 (from 4o S 51 Art. [Ferdinando Riario, Il teatro delle favole rappresentative overo la ricreatione comica, boscareccia e tragica. Venice: Gio. Battista Pulciani, 1611]; Joseph Castalio, Observationum in criticos decas prima. Rome: Guglielmo Faciotto, 1605]);
(g) dd2,5,6 (from 4o H 18 Art. Seld. [Christophorus Helvicus, Synopsis Historiae Universalis. Giessen: Caspar Chemlinus, 1612; formerly H 1.15 Art. (James, Catalogus (1620), 247)]);
(h) hh7 (from D 16. 4 Linc. [Jacobus Martinus, Partitiones theologicae, etc. Wittenberg: for Clement Berger, 1611; formerly M 11. 6 Th. (James, Catalogus (1620), 318)]);
(i) ii1,6 (from 4o M 61 Th. [Ecclesiarum Hollandicarum et Westfrisicarum Catechismus. [n. pl.]: Samuel Crispinus, 1612; formerly C 4. 12 Th.]);
(j) kk4,5,6 (from ‘Arch. D 57 Galleus');
(k) kk8 (from D 16. 3 Linc. [Jacobus Martinus, Partitiones theologicae, etc. Wittenberg: for Clement Berger, 1612; formerly M 11. 5 Th. (James, Catalogus (1620), 318)]);
(l) ll1,2 (from D 16. 3/4 Linc.; with staple-marks of a hasp);
(m) mm2, oo3,10; many of the leaves are incomplete.
Provenances of items from which fragments were taken:
(e), (f), and (i) were, presumably, purchases for the Library, given the dates of the printing of the contents and the English, seventeenth-century plain calf (fillets only) ‘Library' bindings with hasps on the upper covers, mottled red-edged leaves, shelfmarks on the fore-edge, etc. The contents of (a) and (d) were, presumably, also purchases for the Library; they are bound in a seventeenth-century reversed plain calf (fillets only) binding (post 1635 for (a) and post 1626 for (d)). From their shelfmarks, items (b) and (g) were probably formerly in the library of John Selden (1584-1654).

Binding: Bound separately from the rest of Inc. c. E7.1, in a modern guard-book; the fragments were collected from various bindings (including 8º M 71 Art., according to a commonplace book of David Rogers), probably in 1914 (note bearing that date, signed by G. D. Amery in AA 41 Art. Seld.).

Size: 297 × 222 × 15 mm.

Size of leaf: 289 × 199 mm.

SHELFMARK: Inc. c. E7.1(5).

Copy number: S-297(3)

Fragments of v7 and z6 used as front and rear pastedowns respectively, in the binding of Richard Gawton, A Short Instruction for all such as are to be Admitted to the Lords Supper. London: William Hall for John Hodgets, 1612; Petrarch, Seven Penitentiall Psalms, trans. George Chapman. London: for Matthew Selman, 1612; Thomas Fosset, The Servants Dutie . . . London: G. Eld, 1613; Arthur Dent, A Learned and Fruitful Exposition upon the Lords Prayer. London: for Nicholas Bourne, 1612; William Leigh, Queene Elizabeth Paraleld in her Princely Vertues . . . London: T. C., for Arthur Johnson, 1612; William Barksted, Hiren or the Faire Greeke. London: for Roger Barnes, 1611.

Binding: Seventeenth-century parchment; two ties lost.

Size: 145 × 95 × 28 mm.

Size of leaf: 138 × 88 mm.

Provenance: Acquired by 1620; see James, Catalogus (1620), 215, 384, 202, 161, 288, 53.

SHELFMARK: 8o G 67 Th.

Copy number: S-297(4)

Not in Sheppard.

Bound with L‑043(8); see there for details of binding.

Sheets ll3.6 and ll4.5 only; inner half of ll3 only, leaf also cropped; ll6 cropped and damaged; inner half of ll4 only; ll5 damaged.

Size of fragments: c.260 × 200 mm.

Formerly used in the binding of F 2.5 Art. [Hermannus Hugo, Obsidio Bredana armis Philippi iiii . . . perfecta. Antwerp, 1626; Jirjis b. Abî al-Yasir al-`Amîd Makîn, Historia Saracenica. Leiden, 1625]; Jacobus Pontanus, Πιλοκαλια siue Exceptorum e sacris et externis auctoribus . . . Augsburg, 1626].

Provenance (of F 2.5 Art): Acquired after 1626 (the date of most recent item in this volume).

SHELFMARK: Inc. c. E7.2(2/1-2).

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