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Bod-Inc: S-333


Lexicon graecum [Greek] (ed. Demetrius Chalcondylas).


Analysis of Content

Α1r Niger, Stephanus: Διάλογος βιβλιοπώλης καὶ φιλομαθής . Botfield, 230. See M. Fantuzzi, ‘Il medium tipografico negli editori greci', in Dotti Bizantini e libri Greci nell'Italia del secolo XV. Atti del Convegno internazionale, Trento, 22-23 ottobre 1990, ed. M. Cortesi and E. V. Maltese (Naples, 1992), 37-60, at 46.

Α1v Motta, Antonius: [Epigram in praise of Demetrius Chalcondylas]. Botfield, 230. On these two epigrams see Fantuzzi, ‘Medium tipografico', 46.

Α1v Motta, Antonius: [Epigram on the publication of the Suda in Milan]. Botfield, 231.

Α2r Cataneus, Johannes Maria: [Preface addressed to] Albertus Pius (Prince of Carpi). Botfield, 231-2. See Fantuzzi, ‘Medium tipografico', 46-7; Aldo Manuzio editore, pp. xxix–xxx.

Α2v [Chalcondylas, Demetrius: Epistola]. ‘ Κυρίου Δημητρίου Χαλκονδύλου ’.’ Botfield, 232. Demetrius claims to have drawn on many manuscripts, correcting mistakes, and adding his own glosses and explanations within the body of the text. These additions largely derive from Zonaras; see Suidae Lexicon, ed. A. Adler, Lexicographi Graeci recogniti et apparatu critico instructi (Leipzig, 1928-38), I p. xi.

Α3r [Proemium.] ‘ Τὸ μὲν παρὸν βιβλίον Σουιδα. Οἱ δὲ συνταξάμενοι του̂το ἀνδρες σοφοί ’. Suidae Lexicon, I 1. Authorship cannot be attributed to the listed writers: Eudemos, Helladios son of Theodosios, Eugenios of Augoustopolis, Zesimos Gazaios, Longinos Cassios (or Casinus), Louperkos of Beirut, Ioustinos Iulios, Pakatos, Pamphilos, Polion Alexandreus; see Suidae Lexicon, I p. xi.

Α3r [Suda.] Edited by Demetrius Chalcondylas, as stated in the prefaces by Johannes Maria Cataneus and Demetrius himself. ‘ Ἀρχη ὴ του̂ άστοιχειον ’. Suidae Lexicon, I 2-549, and II‑IV. Franz Dölger, Der Titel des sogenannten Suidaslexicons, Sitzungsberichte der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-Historische Abteilung, 6 (Munich, 1936), argues that the original title of the work was ‘Suda'; see also Der Kleine Pauly, V 407 ff. This edition is mentioned in Suidae Lexicon, I p. xi.

ΖΖ6r Salandus, Johannes: [Carmen addressed to] Demetrius Chalcondylas. Incipit: ‘Maiestas decus et nitor uetustus | Argoi eloquii perire uisus'; 48 hendecasyllabics.

ΖΖ6r Salandus, Johannes: [Carmen addressed to the reader.] Incipit: ‘Qui plenis monumenta soles haurire libellis | Attica qui graecis fontibus orsa trahis'; 5 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Milan: Johannes Bissolus and Benedictus Mangius, for Demetrius Chalcondylas, 15 Nov. 1499. Folio.


Collation: α–ω ααα–λλλ Α–Ω ΑΑ–ΔΔ8 ΕΕ–ΖΖ6.


ISTC: is00829000

Hain: HC *15135;

Goff: Goff S‑829;

BMC: BMC VI 792;

Proctor: Pr 6077;

Others: BSB‑Ink S‑606; CIBN S‑495; Oates 2324-6; Rhodes 1651; Sheppard 5040-1.

LCN: 14009068, 14009207


Copy number: S-333(1)

On leaf ΖΖ6r the misprints: ‘Calebondilo', ‘achaenum', ‘iuterpetre', and ‘preter'.

Binding: Gold-tooled calf c.1600, with the gold stamp of a laurel wreath, rebacked. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at tail of lower cover. Remains of leather ties. The title and the name of the printer on red and black leather labels on the spine. Yellow-edged leaves.

Size: 354 × 243 × 105 mm.

Size of leaf: 348 × 222 mm.

Provenance: Two inscriptions on Α1r: ‘ Joannes . . .' in an Italian hand, and ‘Th. G[ ]lthroud.' Probably the copy dated Ven. 1498, mentioned in the Benefactors' Register I 29, ‘Suidas. Græ. fo. Ven. 1498', purchased with money given by Thomas Thornton (1541-1629) in 1601; see Jensen, ‘Benefactors' Register', 596, no. 57. Certainly acquired by 1605; see James, Catalogus (1605), 385 (with shelfmark S 4.3 Art); Jensen, ‘Benefactors' Register', no. 57.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: L 3.8 Art (`8' in black ink along the fore-edge).

SHELFMARK: Auct. K 1.11.

Copy number: S-333(2)

In this copy the misprints on leaf ΖΖ6r are corrected.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf over marbled paper boards; marbled pastedowns.

Size: 365 × 260 × 80 mm.

Size of leaf: 352 × 234 mm.

Frequent marginal notes in Latin and Greek in an early sixteenth-century North European hand, extracting words and supplying underlining, and comments on the text.

Provenance: Ingram Bywater (1840-1914); Elenchus, no. 3208. Bequeathed in 1914.

SHELFMARK: Byw. F 6.14.

Copy number: S-333(3)

In this copy the misprints on leaf ΖΖ6r are corrected.

Binding: Nineteenth-century calf. Blue-edged leaves.

Size: 371 × 252 × 96 mm.

Size of leaf: 358 × 245 mm.

Provenance: c.1500 inscription in upper right-hand corner of Α1r: ‘Iulij [ ] .al. (the dots indicating deletion) dimidio numeri minoris'. Andrew Fletcher (1655-1716); inscription on Α1r; see P. J. M. Willems, Bibliotheca Fletcheriana: or, the Extraordinary Library of Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun (Wassenaar, 1999), 210. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); armorial book-plate; purchased from William H. Robinson in 1954 for £67. 10. 0; accession no. ‘R1241'. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 94.5.

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