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Bod-Inc: S-359

Sulpitius Verulanus, Johannes

De versuum scansione, et al.


Analysis of Content

a1v Sulpitius [Verulanus, Johannes: Verse addressed to] the reader. Incipit: ‘Auctior ecce redit tibi lector amice libellus | Ex quo discebas sillaba quanta foret'; 9 elegiac distichs.

a2r Sulpitius Verulanus, Johannes: [Verse addressed to] Cyprianus Homagius. Incipit: ‘Castalios latices et amena uireta sororum | Si peragrare cupis iam tibi pando fores'; 2 elegiac distichs.

a2r Sulpitius Verulanus, Johannes: De versuum scansione. ‘De versnum(!) scansione, de sillabarum quantitate, de heroici carminis decoro et uitiis, de pedibus et diuersis generibus carminum precepta, deque illorum connexionibus obseruationes'. Incipit: ‘[C]armen hexametrum heroicum . . .’ Explicit: senarium appellamus See Leonhardt, no. B155.1.

f1r Servius Honoratus, Maurus: De centum metris [Extracts]. ‘Sumpta ex Seruii centimetro'. Incipit: ‘[M]etra uel a pedibus uel a rebus nomen accepere . . .’ See S‑351.

f9v Sulpitius [Verulanus, Johannes: Verse.] Incipit: ‘Me duce musarum choreas ingressa iuuentus | Que fingis dulci carmina docta sono; 4 elegiac distichs.

f10r Sulpitius [Verulanus, Johannes: Letter addressed to] the reader. Incipit: ‘Lector, imprimenda post hec erat Sulpitiana illa a Claudio scripta defensio . . .’

g1r Sulpitius [Verulanus], Johannes: De scansione et syllabarum quantitate epitome [addressed to] Alexander Farnesius. Incipit: ‘[V]ersus hexametri qui sex habet dimensiones . . .’ Explicit: omne genus See Leonhardt, no. B155.2.

g5v [Vallatus], Claudius: In Nestorem recriminatio. Incipit: ‘Nestor Nouariensis Alexandri uersificatoris ut profitetur ipse confrater . . .’ Explicit: dimitterem An answer to Nestor's criticism of Sulpicius; see Leonhardt, no. B155.4.

g8r Priscianus Caesariensis [pseudo-]: De accentibus. Keil, Grammatici latini, III 519-28.

h8r [Errata.]

h8v Sulpitius Verulanus, Johannes: [Address to the reader.] Incipit: ‘Adolescens nihil tibi iam ad Latinam musicam . . .’


Imprint: [Rome: Stephan Plannck, c.1492-3]. 4°.

Remarks: The contents are the same as those of the undated edition H 15163, (S‑358), doubtfully attributed to Plannck; see BMC IV 102.


Collation: a–e8 f10 g h8.


ISTC: is00857000

Hain: H *15160;

Goff: Goff S‑857;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: BSB‑Ink S‑633; Hillard 1909; Sheppard 2971.

LCN: 14006922


Copy number: S-359(1)

Leaf a2r, l. 5: ‘ . . . fœlititer'.

Binding: Late seventeenth-century Italian parchment, replacing an earlier tacketted binding (tackets visible around the supports); the title in manuscript in brown ink at the head of the spine. ‘D IIII' in brown ink on a square paper label at the tail of the spine. Name of the author in manuscript running along the lower edge. Green or blue-edged leaves.

Size: 201 × 150 × 23 mm.

Size of leaf: 199 × 142 mm.

Occasional marginal notes, mainly extracting key words, in a contemporary hand in brown ink. 20 paper leaves with coloured capitals are bound before the incunable; they contain a portion of Alexander de Villa Dei, Doctrinale, with incipit ‘Distinxere pedes . . .'; explicit ‘Sustenans pause, sed bis metrare recuses', Doctrinale, ed. Reichling, 100-57, lines 1561-2360, with the prose commentary of Ludovicus de Guaschis, written in a late fifteenth-century Italian humanist hand; see SC 36908.

Provenance: On the front parchment pastedown, unidentified oval black stamp: ‘B. C.' Unidentified manuscript monogram, in brown ink, on the second paper front endleaf containing the opening of the manuscript text: ‘B. S. M. C.' On the same leaf, unidentified circular blue stamp: ‘C. G.' in the middle, surrounded by ‘M. D. I. P. D. R. D. I.' Purchased from Percy Mordaunt Barnard in 1914; see Annual Report of the Curators of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Gazette, 10 March 1915, 477.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. I2.4.

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