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Bod-Inc: T-023

Terentius Afer, Publius



Analysis of Content

[a1r] Epitaphium Terentii. ‘Publii Terentii Affri poete comici commendarius liber'. Incipit: ‘[N]atus in excelsis tectis Cartaginis altae | Romanis ducibus bellica preda fui'; 3 elegiac distichs. See T‑021.

[a1r] [Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius: Periocha of] Andria. ‘Argumentum Andrie.’ Sulp. Peri. Ter. An. On Sulpicius's verse summaries see T‑021. The summaries, together with Terence's plays, are presented as prose in this edition.

[a1v] [Terentius Afer, Publius: Andria.] ‘Prologus.’ Ter. An. All the plays are presented as prose in this edition. Their sequence follows that of the Γclass of manuscripts; see T‑021.

[d3r] [Didascalia for Eunuchus.] ‘Acta ludis Megalensibus L. Postamio(!) Albino L. Cornelio Merula edilibus curilibus(!) . . . fecit Flaccus tibiis Claudis(i.e.Claudi) duabus dextris. Recitauit Caliopius'. See T‑021.

[d3v] Terentius Afer, Publius: ‘Prologus Eunuchi.’ Ter. Eu., prologus.

[d4r] [Anonymous summary of Eunuchus.] ‘Argumentum.’ Incipit: ‘[M]eretrix adolescentem cuius mutuo amore tenebatur exclusit eique reuocato . . .’  . . .receptus illuditur See T‑021.

[d4v] [Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius: Periocha of Eunuchus.] ‘Aliud argumentum.’ Sulp. Peri. Ter. Eu.

[d4v] [Terentius Afer, Publius: Eunuchus.] Ter. Eu.

[h2r] [Didascalia for Hautontimorumenos.] ‘Acta ludis Megaleusibus(!) L. Cornelio L. Valerio Flacco edilibus curulibus . . . M. Immo(!) T. Sempronio consulibus'. See T‑021.

[h2v] [Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius: Periocha of Hautontimorumenos.] ‘Argumentum'. Sulp. Peri. Ter. Hau.

[h2v] Terentius Afer, Publius: Hautontimorumenos. ‘Prologus.’ Ter. Hau.

[l5r] [Didascalia for Adelphoe.] ‘Acta ludis funebribus Q. Fabio Maximo P. Cornelio Affricano edilibus curulibus . . . Antio Marco Cornelio consulibus'. See T‑021.

[l5v] [Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius: Periocha of Adelphoe.] Sulp. Peri. Ter. Ad. See T‑021.

[l5v] Terentius Afer, Publius: Adelphoe. ‘Prologus'. Ter. Ad.

[o8v] [Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius: Periocha of Hecyra.] ‘Argumentum.’ Sulp. Peri. Ter. Hec.

[o8v] Terentius Afer, Publius: Hecyra ‘Prologus Echire.’ Ter. Hec.

[r8v] [Didascalia for Phormio.] ‘Acta ludis Romanis L. Postumeo Albino, L. Cornelio edilibus curulibus . . . Ge. Fanio M. Valerio consulibus'. See T‑021.

[s1r] [Sulpicius Apollinaris, Gaius: Periocha of Phormio.] ‘Argumentum.’ Sulp. Peri. Ter. Ph.

[s1r] Terentius Afer, Publius: Phormio. ‘Prologus.’ Ter. Ph.


Imprint: [Schussenried: Printer of ‘Gracchus et Poliscena', c.1478]. Folio.


Collation: [a10 b–v8 x6].


ISTC: it00076000

Hain: H *15370;

Goff: Goff T‑76;

BMC: BMC II 568, II p. xv;

Proctor: Pr 2668;

Others: BSB‑Ink T‑87; Oates 1203; Sack, Freiburg, 3354; Sheppard 1923.

LCN: 14100166


Copy number: T-023(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century diced russia; the blind-tooled stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers; sprinkled blue-edged leaves; brown pastedowns; navy-blue silk bookmark.

Size: 294 × 218 × 33 mm.

Size of leaf: 285 × 201 mm.

Copious marginal and interlinear notes in a contemporary German hand, supplying pointing hands, brackets, scribbles, titles for first three plays in upper right-hand corner of each recto, synonyms, and corrections to and many comments on the text: e.g. on [a6v]: ‘Poeta volens ostendere condiciones amatorum . . . describit nobis Pamphilum qui territus propter uerba Simonis deducentia uxore[m], cum diu tacitus fuisset, tandem in hec uerba prorumpit et est ultima [s]cena fini(!) actus'.

Two-line initials, paragraph marks, capital strokes, and underlining are supplied in red.

Provenance: Irsee, Bavaria, Benedictines, S. Maria; inscription: ‘Ad maiorem Bibliothecam Vrsinensem' on [a1r]. Purchased for £20; see Books Purchased (1803), 2.

SHELFMARK: Auct. O 3.12.

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