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Bod-Inc: T-111

Thomas àKempis

Imitatio Christi [French] De l'imitation de nostre seigneur Ihesu Crist.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.] ‘Le liure tressalutaire de limitation de nostre seigneur Ihesucrist'.

a2r [Preface.] Incipit: ‘Cy commence le livre . . .’ The anonymous author of this preface ascribes the real authorship of this work to Thomas à Kempis, rejecting past attributions to Bernardus or Gerson.

a2r Thomas àKempis: De l'imitation de nostre seigneur Ihesu Crist. Incipit: ‘[Q]ui me ensuyt ne chemine point en tenebres . . .’ Explicit: ne les peult ne scet comprendre’

n6r [Colophon.]

[o1r] ‘Table'.


Imprint: Paris: Jean Lambert, for André Bocard, 12 Apr. 1494. 4°.


Collation: a–m8 n6 [o4].

Types: Types: 115 G (title); 95 B.

Leaves: 106 leaves, 2-102 numbered ii–Ciiii, with errors.

Line number: 31 lines and headline (a3r).

Type area: Type area: 146 (151) ×93 mm (a3r).

Illustrations: Capital spaces with guide-letters. Woodcut.

Remarks: Leaf a1r, TITLE: ‘Le liure treſſalutaire. De limitation de | noſtre ſeigneur iheſucriſt et du parfaict | cōtennemēt de ſe miſerable monde nōme | en latin. De imitatione criſti. Et de con | temtu mūdi et ſe commence. Qui ſequi | tur me non ābulat intenebris || [Device of Bocard; Polain, Marques, no. 92]; a1v [woodcut, Christ bearing the Cross, a kneeling follower; Christ's words printed in four lines of verse]: ‘¶ Se tu veulx venir apres moy | . . .' [and the follower's response similarly]: ‘¶ Riens ie ne puis ſeign̄r ſās toy . . .'; a2r: [running heading] ‘¶Chap̄. premier. Fuellet. ii: | ¶Cy cōmence le Liure treſſalutaire Intitule De li | mitation noſtre ſeigneur Iheſucriſt . . . | . . .'; l. 10: ‘ . . . Tranſ | late de latin en francois . . . | . . . Laquelle tranſlacion a eſte diligente | ment corrigee ſur loriginal . . . | . . . ¶ Le premier Chapitre.|| qVi me enſuyt | ne chemine poīt en tenebres) dit | noſtre ſeigneur . . .'; n6v, COLOPHON: ‘¶ Cy finiſt le liure de imitatione chriſti | Et de contemptu mundi. Tranſlate de | latin en francois. Et imprime a Paris | par Jehan Lambert. Le xii iour dauril | Mil cccc. quatrevingz et quatorze'; [o1r]: ‘La table | Senſuyt la table de ce preſent liure.'; [o4r]: ‘Cy finiſt la table'.


ISTC: ii00038100

Hain: C 3245;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: Claudin II 224-7; Sheppard 6460-1.

LCN: 14438556


Copy number: T-111(1)

Wanting f8, g1-3,8.

Title-page represents different state from that in Sorbonne copy, which has in l. 4 '... De imitacione criſti.', and in l. 5 '... commence Qui ſequi ...' (ex informatione Yann Sordet).

The text of i1-2 has changed places with that of i7-8 owing to an error of imposition; the mistake is notified by a contemporary hand, in French.

Binding: Nineteenth-century(?) parchment dyed green, with title gilt along the spine; red-edged leaves.

Size: 183 × 130 × 20 mm.

Size of leaf: 180 × 126 mm.

Provenance: Rob[ert?] Jardel (seventeenth/eighteenth century); inscription on a1r: ‘Ex Biblioth. Cl. Rob. Jardel Bran. Suess.' Purchased from Pierre Brun in 1966 out of the Gordon Duff Fund; book-plate; unsigned note [by David Rogers] on the front pastedown.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. F1.1494.1.

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