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Bod-Inc: T-130

Thomas Aquinas

Glossa continua super evangelia (Catena aurea; parts II–IV ed. and rev. Johannes Andreas de Bussis).


Analysis of Content

[Volume 1.]

[a2r] Thomas Aquinas: Glossa continua super evangelia (Catena aurea). [Part I addressed to] Urbanus IV, Pont. Max. ‘Continuum in libros euangelii secundum Mattheum'. Incipit: ‘Fons sapientie unigenitum dei uerbum . . . Leo papa in sermo de passione . . . (3 more lines)’ Parma, vols 11-12; Vivès, vols 16-17; Marietti, 2 vols, ed. A. Guarienti (1953); see Torrell 136-41, 338-9.

[C7v] ‘Capitula euangelii Matthei per ordinem'.

[C8r] [Table.] Incipit: ‘Dominica secunda in aduentu. Cum audisset Iohannes in uinculis . . .’ A list of incipits of the Gospel of Matthew arranged according to the liturgical year.

[aa1r] Thomas Aquinas: Glossa continua super evangelia (Catena aurea). [Part II addressed to] Anibaldus [de Anibaldis]. Edited by Johannes Andreas de Bussis as stated on [S12v] and [RR8r]. Incipit: ‘Rerum opifex deus . . . Glosa. [V]ocationem gentium . . . quia te decet sermonum et operum gloria.’

[hh7v] [Verse colophon.] Incipit: ‘Aspicis illustris lector quicunque libellos | Si cupis artificum nomina nosse lege'; 4 elegiac distichs.

[hh8r] [Table.] Incipit: ‘Feria tertia post dominicam in ramis palmarum . . .’ A list of incipits of the Gospel of Mark arranged according to the liturgical year.

[Volume 2.]

[2A2r] Thomas Aquinas: Glossa continua super evangelia (Catena aurea). [Part III addressed to Anibaldus de Anibaldis]. Edited/revised by Johannes Andreas de Bussis. ‘Super euangelio sancti Luce continuum'. Incipit: ‘[I]nter cetera incarnationis Christi . . . Theophilus quos nos imitantes . . .’

[S12v] [Editorial note.] ‘Recognitum Rome a Io. Andree episcopo Alerien. et absolutum die decima octobris M.CCCC.LXX Lector Vale'.

[AA2r] Thomas Aquinas: Glossa continua super evangelia (Catena aurea). [Part IV addressed to Anibaldus de Anibaldis]. Edited and revised by Johannes Andreas de Bussis. ‘Continuum in euangelium sancti Iohannis'. Incipit: ‘[D]iuine uisionis sublimitate . . . quia ipse est super omnia deus benedicus in secula . . .’

[RR5v] [Table.] Incipit: ‘[D]ominica prima de aduentu]. Erunt signa in sole et luna . . .’ A list of incipits of the Gospels of Luke and John arranged according to the liturgical year.


Imprint: Rome: Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, 1470. Folio.

Remarks: In four parts, dated: (II) 1470; (IV) 7 Dec. 1470.


Collation: Part I: [a b10 c–e8 f–h10 i k8 l–z A–C10]; part II: [aa–ff10 gg hh8]; part III: [2A B10 C12 D–R10 S12]; part IV: [AA–GG10 HH8 II–LL10 MM8 NN OO10 PP–RR8].


ISTC: it00225000

Hain: HC *1330;

Goff: Goff T‑225;


Proctor: Pr 3314;

Others: BSB‑Ink T‑196; CIBN T‑125; Hillard 1944; Michelitsch 3; Rhodes 1703; Sheppard 2626. Microfiche: Unit 10: Printing in Italy before 1472: Part IV, PI 28.

LCN: 14267194


Copy number: T-130(1)

Bound in two volumes.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled half calf over orange marbled pasteboards.

Size: 400/408 × 300 × 105/97 mm.

Size of leaf: 395 × 277 mm.

In both volumes, manuscript foliation in brown ink only partially visible, mostly cropped. Some corrections to [a3r] only in a sixteenth-century hand in brown ink.

On the first page of text in each volume, an Italian initial is supplied in gold within a rectangular green (half green, half blue in vol. 2) ground with yellow pen-work decoration; in vol. 1 the area defined by the letter is supplied in blue and pink with white pen-work decoration. Italian three-quarter white vine-stem borders on a blue, red, and green ground incorporating the arms of Roverella (see Litta, pl. I), Bishop of Ferrara, within a wreath in the lower margin and three more smaller wreaths containing the arms of Monte Oliveto, birds and animals; within the branch-work more birds and a vase; all illuminated by Fr. Thimoteus Neapolitanus; see Pächt and Alexander II, no. pr. 118 and pl. lxxxvii (Ferrara). On [aa1r] of vol. 1 and [AA2r] of vol. 2 a seven-line initial is supplied in blue within a rectangular ground made of red pen-work decoration partially coloured in gold and green, unfinished. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue.

Provenance: Lorenzo Roverella, Bishop of Ferrara (†1474); inscription on [a1v] of vol. 1 in red ink: ‘Hic liber est principalis Monasterii ordinis sancte Marie de Monte Oliueto (overwritten in black: monte Corona) quem habuimus de expensis Reuerendi domini domini Laur. Ferrariensis episcopi datarii et legati apostolici gubernatoris Perusii cum pluribus aliis libris et bonis supellectilis sue pro sacristia et ecclesia. Qui in tantum dilexit fratres et ordinem ut in hoc monasterio mori et sepeliri uoluerit, cuius uenerabile corpus iuxta altare mai[us] ex consilio et uoluntate seniorum et patrum huius monasterii locatus est . . . Hic ex nobili progenie Rouerell. editus . . .'; ‘Maneat in bibliotheca huius presentis monasterii in bancho [ ] uersus occidentem'. In the space left blank after ‘bancho' first ‘octauo', then ‘decimo', then ‘nono' has been added in brown ink; ‘occidentem' has been changed to ‘orientem', finally the pressmark ‘sig. F ij' has been added. On [A1v] of vol. 2 in red ink: ‘ . . . Frater Lodouicus Ferrariensis compaginator extitit et frater Thimoteus Neapolitanus insigniter miniauitur ambo bonitate ingenioque conspicui'. Nicolaus Roverella, OSB (†1480); inscription in a later hand, brown ink: ‘Qui D. Rmus fuit frater germanus fratris Nicolai Rouerelle: et obiit in hoc monasterio d' anno domini M.cccclxxiiij cum idem Frater Nicolaus esset Abbas Generalis: postea corpus eius translatum fuit et portatum Ferrariam et sepultum in monasterio nostro sancti Georgii (overwritten: Augustini) in sepulcro marmoreo et ibi requiescit'. Purchased for £5; see Books Purchased (1822), 1.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: Auct. P 1.14 infra; Auct. P 2 infra.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q inf. 1.12-13.

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