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Bod-Inc: T-164

Thomas Aquinas

Summa theologiae I–III.


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.]

A2r Thomas Aquinas: Summa theologiae: Prima pars. Leonine IV–V (1888-9), IV 5–V 576; see Torrell 142-59, 333-4.

Ee4r ‘Tabula prime partis'.

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Thomas Aquinas: Summa theologiae: Secunda pars: Prima secundae. ‘Prima pars secunde partis summe theologie'.’ Leonine VI–VII (1891-2), VI 5–VII 355; see Torrell 142-59, 333-4.

ee3v ‘Capitula prime partis secunde partis'.

AA1r [Title-page.]

AA2r Thomas Aquinas: Summa theologiae: Secunda pars, secunda secundae. Leonine VIII–X (1895-9), VIII 5–X 553; see Torrell 142-59, 333-4.

Vv1r ‘Tabula questionum secundi libri secunde partis'.

2a1r [Title-page.]

2a2r Thomas Aquinas: Summa theologiae: Tertia pars. Leonine XI–XII/1 (1903-6), XI 5–XII/1 338; see Torrell 142-59, 333-4.

2r [Colophon.]

2v ‘Tabula super tertiam partem'.


Imprint: Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1496. Folio.

Remarks: In three parts dated: (I–II) [undated]; (III) 15 Jan. 1496.


Collation: Part I: A–E8 F–H6 I–O8.6.6.6 Z Aa8 Bb Cc6 Dd Ee8; part II/1: a–d8 e–n6 o–x8.6 y z aa–cc6 dd ee8; part II/2: AA–DD8 EE–GG6 HH II8 KK–NN6 OO8 PP–ZZ Aa–Ff6 Gg8 Hh–Vv6; part III: 2a–d8 e–z [et] [con] t̃ [rum] 6.

Remarks: Leaf a2 signed b2.


ISTC: it00196000

Hain: HC *1436, II, pt 1 = H *1457 (II/2); C 566;

Goff: Goff T‑196;

BMC: BMC II 441;

Proctor: Pr 2102;

Others: BSB‑Ink T‑280; CIBN T‑168; Michelitsch 112; Sack, Freiburg, 3442-3; not in Sheppard.

LCN: 14339086


Copy number: T-164(1)

Part II/1 only. Wanting the blank leaf ee8.

Binding: Contemporary German (Lübeck, S. Catherina) blind-tooled sheep(?) over wooden boards, with two metal catches, two clasps lost; at the head of the upper cover, a manuscript title on a rectangular parchment label encased in a metal frame and covered with horn. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at head of lower cover. Triple fillets form a double frame. Within the outer frame a foliate staff and flower roll (?). A set of diagonal triple fillets divides the inner rectangle into four triangular compartments. Within the diagonal set of fillets the foliate staff roll. The compartments are decorated with a circular stamp representing Mary with the Christ child on a crescent moon surrounded by rays, a fleuron, and a wheel and sword stamp, these being the attributes of St Catherine of Alexandria, to whom the Franciscan monastery of Lübeck was dedicated and which later became the emblem of the Stadtbibliothek there.

Size: 315 × 220 × 52 mm.

Size of leaf: 300 × 212 mm.

Inside both covers is still visible the impression left by contemporary manuscripts used as pastedowns and now removed.

Extensive marginal notes, mainly extracting key concepts, but also providing corrections to the text, in two contemporary German hands, in brown and red ink. In the box-case is kept a letter dated Lübeck, 9 June 1920, probably from a librarian of the Stadtbibliothek of the city, in response to an enquiry by E. P. Goldschmidt, relating to the binding of this volume; it states that the stamps of this binding can be found in a number of bindings in the Stadtbibliothek of Lübeck (a list is provided).

A few initials are supplied in red ink.

Provenance: Lübeck, Franciscans, S. Catherina, 1225-1530; see letter (above). Lübeck, Stadtbibliothek; stamp and duplicate stamp. Ernst Philip Goldschmidt (1887-1954); initials ‘E. P. G.' and no. ‘39' in green ink on the front pastedown. Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); armorial book-plate; purchased from Goldschmidt in 1933, for £12. 10. 0; accession no. ‘1503'. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 33.4.

Copy number: T-164(2)

Bound as covers of Descrittione vera, e reale de' cittadini antichi di Bologna (Bologna: Heirs of Peri, [between 1667 and 1692]).

Two leaves only: leaves s8 and ee6 have been pasted together to form the cover. The text of leaf s8r is visible on the outside of the binding, that of ee6v on the inside.

Binding: see above.

Size: 154 × 108 × 3 mm.

'518' in black ink in the margin (now forming the upper cover).

Three-line initial 'D' and paragraph marks are supplied in red on s8r.

Provenance: provenance and date of acquisition unknown.

SHELFMARK: 288 g.32.

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