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Bod-Inc: T-204

Thur óczy, Johannes

Chronica Hungarorum, et al.


Analysis of Content

[*2v] Feger, Theobaldus: [Dedicatory letter addressed to] Matthias [Corvinus], King of Hungary and Bohemia. Incipit: ‘Quod tam multae serenissime ac inuictissime rex . . .’

a1r Thuróczy, Johannes: Chronica Hungarorum. ‘Prefatio . . . in primum librum Chronice Hungarorum' [addressed to] Thomas de Drag, Chancellor to King Matthias. Incipit: ‘[I]ugi otio his annis nobis eque simul torpentibus . . .’ Explicit: particulatim prout acta fuere. Finis See J. Fitz, ‘Die Ausgaben der Thuroczy-Chronik aus dem Jahre 1488', Gb Jb (1937), 97-106; I. Hubay, ‘Die illustrierte Ungarnchronik des Johannes von Thúrocz', Gb Jb (1962), 390-9; Elisabeth Soltész, ‘Über zwei Holzschnitte der Augsburger Thuróczy-Chronik', Gb Jb 68 (1993), 91-6.

x2r Rogerius: Carmen miserabile super destructione regni Hungariae per Tartaros facta [addressed to] ‘episcopus Pestheniensis'; according to Fitz 103 a misprint for ‘Prenesthensis' as there were no bishops in Pécs in 1243 and Rogerius was the chaplain to the bishop of Preneste. ‘Epistola magistri Rogerii in miserabile carmen super destructione regni Hungarie per Tartaros facta editum'. Incipit: ‘[L]icet ut liqueat dominationi uestre ingressus . . .’ Explicit: aduersitatis ac periculi quidditatem. Valeat. p.v.

y9r [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Quanta sit inuicti terrena potentia sceptri | Gloria maiestas phama perennis honor'; 9 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Augsburg: Erhard Ratdolt, for Theobaldus Feger, 3 June 1488. 4°.

Remarks: For the three variants of this edition see G. Sajó and E. Soltész, Catalogus incunabulorum quae in bibliothecis publicis Hungariae asservantur, 2 vols (Budapest, 1970), 3324.


Collation: [*2] a–g8 h6 i10 k–o8 p6 q–t8 v4 x8 y10.

Illustrations: Woodcuts and woodcut initials.


ISTC: it00361000

Hain: HC *15518 = H 15516;

Goff: Goff T‑361;

BMC: BMC II 381;

Proctor: Pr 1874;

Others: Baer, Die Illustrierten Historienbücher, p. lxiv, no. 325; BSB‑Ink T‑342; Oates 955; Sajó and Soltész 3324; Schramm XXIII p. 25; Schreiber V 4395; Sheppard 1317. Microfiche: Unit 5: Chronicles and Historiography: Part II, CH 84.

LCN: 14716908


Copy number: T-204(1)

Variant 3.

Wanting the blank leaves v3-4 and y10.

In the heading on a1r this copy omits the words ‘Austriqƺ ducis' (l. 2), thus differing from BMC but agreeing with H and Pollard, Morris, no. 156. On v2r, l. 13 it has the variant reading of IB.6665 of BMC.

Binding: Sixteenth-century paper boards covered with fragments of a fourteenth/fifteenth-century manuscript antiphonar. Sixteenth-century manuscript title across the head of the spine: ‘Facta regnum Hungariae' in brown ink. Sprinkled blue-edged leaves.

Size: 216 × 163 × 33 mm.

Size of leaf: 206 × 150 mm.

Pasted inside the upper cover is an engraving of the arms of Louis I of Hungary, as shown by Siebmacher, Wappen der deutschen Souveraine und Länder, NF I,I,IV. pl. 84, no. 1, flanked by initials ‘L' and ‘R', surmounted by crowns.

Chapter headings are underlined in red ink. Some marginal notes, mainly extracting keywords and dates, in a sixteenth-century (c.1532) humanist hand in brown ink. On v2v the same hand has added a continuation of the chronicle to the year 1532.

Provenance: Purchased for £3; see Books Purchased (1847), 34.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q 6.45.

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