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Bod-Inc: T-207

Tibullus, Albius

Elegiae, sive Carmina, et al.


Analysis of Content

a1v Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: ‘Tibulli Vita'. Allenspach–Frasso, 265-6. On Squarzaficus' plagiarizing of Sicco Polenton's material see Pizzani 256-60.

a2r Tibullus, Albius: [Elegiae: I–II]. ‘Albii Tibulli equitis Romani poetae clarissimi liber primus: quod spretis diuitiis et militia Deliam amet et amori seruiat.’ See T‑205. On this edition see CTC VII 207; Huschke, pp. li–liv.

c1v Tibullus, Albius, [pseudo-]: [Elegiae: III.] ‘Ad Neeram'. See T‑205.

d2r ‘Summa uitae Albii Tibulli.’ Incipit: ‘[A]lbius Tibullus eques Romanus insignis forma . . . ut indicat epitaphium infrascriptum'. See T‑205.

d2r [Marsus, Domitius]: Epitaphium Tibulli. See T‑205.

d2r Ovidius Naso, [Publius: Amores, 3. 9]. ‘Epistola in qua conqueritur de morte Tibulli'. Ov. Am. 3. 9.

e2r Squarzaficus, Hieronymus: [Vita Catulli.] Allenspach–Frasso 265.

e2r [Campesanus, Benvenutus]: ‘Hextichum . . . in bellum(!) Valerii Catulli eius conciuis'. Incipit: ‘Ad patriam uenio longis de finibus exul | Causa mei reditus compatriota fuit'; 3 elegiac distichs. See C‑139.

e2r Catullus, [Gaius] Valerius: [Carmina]. ‘Liber ad Cornelium Gallum.’ Catul. On this edition see Gaisser, Renaissance Readers, 35.

h8v [Squarzaficus, Hieronymus]: ‘Vita Propertii.’ Allenspach-Frasso 266-7; see also 247.

i1r Propertius, [Sextus Aurelius: Elegiae]. ‘Propertii Aurelii Nautae poetae clarissimi liber primus ad Tullum.’ Prop.

p5v [Colophon.]


Imprint: Reggio Emilia: Albertus de Mazalibus and Prosper Odoardus, [13 Sept.] 1481. Folio.

Remarks: The colophon reads ‘ . . . 19 Kl ’. octo. . . .’


Collation: a–c8 d2 e8 f6 g–i8 k3 l–n8 o p6.


ISTC: it00367000

Hain: HC Addenda 4757;

Goff: Goff T‑367;

BMC: BMC VII 1087;

Proctor: Pr 7252;

Others: BSB‑Ink T‑346; CIBN C‑275; Rhodes 1723; Sheppard 6011-12.

LCN: 14718993


Copy number: T-207(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf, bound for Kloß, over contemporary beech boards. The gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on tan leather patches on both covers. Remains of two metal clasps on lower cover and two leather straps on upper cover. Along upper edge authors' names in manuscript. External parchment reinforcement guards for endleaves. Internal parchement reinforcement guards for gatherings of text block.

Size: 312 × 210 × 35 mm.

Size of leaf: 299 × 202 mm.

A few marginal annotations to the Tibullan text in a c.1500 hand, supplying brackets. One comment on the text in a seventeenth-century hand. Bibliographical notes in a seventeenth-century hand are supplied on a2r and i1r. Bookseller's number ‘665-105 | C' supplied in pencil on the verso of the front endleaf.

Three- to four-line initials are supplied in red or blue.

Provenance: Bernardus Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden (1457-1523); inscription on the recto of the front endleaf: ‘Bernardus Adelman De Adelmansfelden'. Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label; sale (1835), lot 1015; purchased for £2. 16. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 7.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P 3.21.

Copy number: T-207(2)

Wanting the blank leaf p6.

Binding: Late eighteenth-century Italian half parchment over paper boards, covered with marbled paper. The title on red and green leather labels on the spine.

Size: 303 × 205 × 22 mm.

Size of leaf: 296 × 201 mm.

Frequent marginal and interlinear notes in an early sixteenth-century Italian hand, in black ink, supplying corrections to all three texts and numbers in roman figures for the Tibullan poems; in brown ink, a few comments on the texts and running headings; and in red ink, brackets and pointing hands for Tibullus, and titles for the Catullan and Propertian texts. A few corrections to and comments on the text in a later sixteenth-century cursive Italian hand.

On a1v a two-line initial ‘A' is supplied in red ink, on a2r a four-line initial ‘D' in blue ink. Elsewhere some initals are supplied in blue or black ink. Paragraph marks are supplied in red.

Provenance: ‘Liber Il[lu ] de S. L[au]rencio [ ] et cor[ ]le'; sixteenth-century Italian inscription on p5v. P. Antonio, Conte da San Miniato, Tuscany (sixteenth century): inscriptions on a1r and p5v: ‘P. Antonio el Conte da S. Miniato'. Josephus Peregrinus (seventeenth century): inscriptions in brown ink on a1r and a1v: ‘Josephi Peregrini [ ]angei'. Christophorus B[ ]t[ ]rcinius (seventeenth/eighteenth century); inscription in black ink on a1r: ‘Cristofori B[ ]t[ ]rcinii'. Archangelo, Conte di Barga, Tuscany (fl. 1749); inscription on a1r: ‘Archangelo Conte [ ] Barga Adi 23 Giugno 1749'. W. H. Crawford, Lakelands, Cork (1815-1888); book-plate; sale (12 Mar. 1891), lot 640; Purchased in 1891; see Annual Report of the Curators of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Gazette, 10 May 1892, 471.

SHELFMARK: Auct. P inf. 2.20.

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