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Bod-Inc: T-264

Turrecremata, Johannes de

Contra principales errores Mahometi et Turcorum Sarracenorum, et al.


Analysis of Content

[*2r] [Table of contents.]

[A1r] [List of contents.]

[A2r] Turrecremata, Johannes de: Contra principales errores Mahometi et Turcorum Sarracenorum [preface addressed to] Pius II, Pont. Max. Incipit: ‘[B]eatissimo et clementissimo patri . . . Post humilem recommendationem ad pedum oscula beatorum . . .’

[A3r] Turrecremata, Johannes de: Contra principales errores Mahometi et Turcorum Sarracenorum. ‘Capitulum primum'. Incipit: ‘[B]eatus Johannes euangelista cui pro virginitas . . .’ Explicit: diligunt eum See Kaeppeli III 24-42 no. 2732.

[a1r] [Dionysius Carthusiensis]: Dialogus Christiani contra Sarracenum. ‘Cristianus'. Incipit: ‘[S]ic deus dilexit mundus vt filium suum vnigenitum . . .’ Explicit: sublimis et benedictus amen Dionysius Cartusianus, Opera omnia, XLII (Tournai, 1913), 635-40, ending imperfectly.

[2a1r] [List of contents.]

[2a1v] [Note on the text, dating Alphonsus Boni Hominis' translation to 1339.]

[2a2r] Alphonsus Boni Hominis: [Prefatory letter addressed to] Hugo [de Vaucemain]. PL CXLIX 335-6; see Kaeppeli I 48-55 no. 146.

[2a2r] Samuel, Rabbi: Epistola contra Judaeorum errores. Translated by Alphonsus Boni Hominis. ‘Tractatus contra Iudeos'. PL CXLIX 337-68; see M. C. Diaz y Diaz, Index Scriptorum Latinorum Medii Aevi Hispanorum (Madrid, 1959), 404-6 nos 2097-102; Kaeppeli I 48-55 no. 147. Alphonsus Boni Hominis claims only to translate the Epistola of Rabbi Samuel but ‘it seems he himself was the author, drawing largely from another tract in Arabic' (Encyclopaedia Judaica).

[2b8r] Nicolaus de Lyra: Quaestiones disputatae contra Judeos. [Also Contra perfidiam Judaeorum; Pulcherrime questiones Judaicam perfidiam in catholica fide improbantes and Probatio adventus Christi.] ‘Quaestio de probatione per scripturas a Iudeis receptas'. Incipit: ‘[Q]ueritur vtrum per scripturas a Iudeis receptas possit probari misterium Christi . . .’ Explicit: ad vomitum reuertuntur See Stegmüller, Repertorium biblicum, 5982, and Labrosse, ‘Œuvres', 177-82, who lists alternative titles at 177 and this edition at 178.

[2A1r] Prosper Tiro Aquitanus: [Pro Augustino responsiones ad capitula obiectionum Vincentianarum.] ‘Prefacio responsionum Prosperi contra obiectiones Vincentianas'. PL XLV 1843 and LI 177; see CPL 521.

[2A1r] Prosper Tiro Aquitanus: Pro Augustino responsiones ad capitula obiectionum Vincentianarum. ‘Obiectio prima'. PL XLV 1843-50 and LI 177-86.

[2A4v] Prosper Tiro Aquitanus: Pro Augustino responsiones ad excerpta quae de Genuensi civitate sunt missa. ‘Responsiones ad excerpta que de Genuensi ciuitate sunt missa'. PL XLV 1849-58 and LI 187-202; see CPL 522.

[2A9v] Augustinus: De octo Dulcitii quaestionibus. ‘Responsiones sancti Augustini ad Dulcitium de octo questionibus ab eo missis'. PL XL 147-70; ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 44A (1975), 253-97; see CPL 291.

[3a1r] Athanasius [pseudo-; Vigilius Thapsensis]: Dialogus contra Arianos. ‘Prologus in libro sancti Athanasii habito contra hereticos Sabellium Fotinum et Arrium'. PL LXII 179-80.

[3a1r] Athanasius [pseudo-; Vigilius Thapsensis]: Dialogus contra Arianos. ‘Liber primus de fide catholica'. PL LXII 155-238; see CPL 807.

[3A1r] [Anonymous Translator]: ‘Legenda sancti Siluestri pape ab Eusebio Cesariensi Palestine Greco sermone compilata . . . prologus'. Incipit: ‘[H]ystoriographus noster Eusebius Cesariensis . . . me de Greco in Latinum transferre precepisti . . .’ Explicit: euasero culpam

[3A1r] Eusebius Caesariensis: Legenda S. Silvestri. Incipit: ‘[S]iluester vrbis Rome episcopus cum esset infantulus . . .’ Explicit: volumina seculorum


Imprint: [Brussels: Fratres Vitae Communis, between 1475 and 25 May 1476]. Folio.

Remarks: The tracts can be found in any order, and may have been issued separately (Goff).


Collation: [*2 A–D10 E8 F10 a–c10 d6 2a–c10 d8 2A B 3a–c 3A10 B C8].


ISTC: it00543000

Hain: C 716, 1990, 2359, 3725, 4892, 5259;

Goff: Goff T‑543;

BMC: BMC IX 170;

Proctor: Pr 1133, 9325, 9326;

Others: BBFN 127; Campbell (III) and (IV) 1503a = 189 + 712 (= 1099) + 1447; CIBN T‑365; HPT II 397; ILC 2119; Oates 3840-6; Sheppard 7168-71.

LCN: 13981081, 14076357


Copy number: T-264(1)

Gatherings [A–F] and [a–c] only.

Binding: Nineteenth-century cloth. Scars of index tabs on [A1] and [a1]. Formerly chained: rusty marks of a hasp at the head of the rear endleaves.

Size: 288 × 216 × 23 mm.

Size of leaf: 281 × 210 mm.

Carefully and systematically corrected, apparently in the rubricator's hand; also some characters have been touched up and improved; also a few early ‘nota' marks.

Principal initials are supplied in red with reserved white decoration. Other initials, paragraph marks, and chapter heading underlining are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Purchased for £0. 18. 0; see Books Purchased (1848), 41.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 4.13.

Copy number: T-264(2)

Pseudo-Athanasius only.

Binding: Nineteenth-century black pasteboards, with manuscript title along a rectangular paper label at head of the spine.

Size: 292 × 210 × 10 mm.

Size of leaf: 292 × 210 mm.

An early correction on [3 c8r]. Early manuscript signatures signed ‘r–t'.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843); book-plate with handwritten shelfmark ‘AA.e.3': see Lee, Royal Bookplates, 40-1 no. 23; sale, pt I, lot 4165. Purchased for £1. 13. 0; see Books Purchased (1844), 47.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q sub. fen. 2.2.

Copy number: T-264(3)

Rabbi Samuel only. Wanting the blank leaves [2 d7-8].

Binding: Limp parchment binding, with a reused cover probably taken from a larger eighteenth-century(?) ledger with evidence of four supports with double lacing. The current endleaves consist of machine-made late nineteenth-century wove paper. An additional leaf at either end between endleaves and printed text shows the watermark ‘W Phipps 1802'.

Size: 293 × 205 × 12 mm.

Size of leaf: 293 × 200 mm.

Early manuscript signatures ‘l–o'. Pasted to the front endleaf is a letter from the bookseller F. J. Kellow dated 17 July 1891 and addressed to Bodley's Librarian, accepting 3 guineas for the book.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue.

Provenance: W. Attfield (nineteenth century); signature on [2 a1r]. F. J. Kellow (fl. 1891); see letter, above. Purchased in 1891; see Annual Report of the Curators of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University Gazette, 10 May 1892, 471.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 3Q 4.35.

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