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Bod-Inc: V-039

Vallibus, Hieronymus de

Jesuida seu De passione Christi.


Analysis of Content

A1r [Title-page.] ‘Diui Hieronimi tractatus carminibus elegantissimis conscriptus de passione domini Hiesu Christi a saluatoris nostri.’

A2r Vallibus, Hieronymus de: Jesuida [addressed to] Petrus Donatus, Bishop of Padua. ‘Iesuida Hieronimi de Vallibus Paduani ad reuerendum in Christo patrem dominum Petrum Donati(!) regie urbis Padue presulem dominum dignissimum suum colendum'. ‘Inuocatio prima ad deum optimum maximum'. Incipit: ‘[M]axime celicolum supera qui celsus in aula | Eterno imperio superas fortique tridente'; hexameters. See Bertalot I 3251.


Imprint: [Leipzig: Gregorius Böttiger (Werman), 1492?]. 4°.

Remarks: For dating see below.


Collation: A8 B6.

Types: Type: 90 G (GfT pl. 97), leaded; early form, on the basis of round ‘a', and long ‘s' and ‘f' descending below the line, as used in 1492; see BMC. Capital spaces.

Leaves: 14 leaves.

Line number: 19 lines (A3r).

Type area: Type area: 150 ×82 mm (A3r).

Remarks: Leaf A1r: ‘Diui Hieronimi  tractatus car | minibus elegantiſſimis conſcri | ptus  De paſſione domini Hie// | ſu Chriſti ac ſaluatoris noſtri.'; A2r: ‘Ieſuida Hieronimi de vallibus Paduani ad re | uerendum in Chriſto patrem. dum Petrū dona | ti Regie vrbis Padue preſulem digniſſimum do | minum ſuum colendum Feliciter incipit. | Inuocatio prima ad deum optimū maximū | [ ]Axime celicolū ſu[per] a qi celſus ī aula | . . .'; B6v, l. 16: ‘ . . . | Brachia aperta dedi frontēq ƺ ad oſcula flexi.) | Finis'.


ISTC: iv00081700

Proctor: Not in Pr;

Others: not in Sheppard.

LCN: 14800915


Copy number: V-039(1)

Leaf B2 mutilated.

Binding: Twentieth-century paper over thin paper boards; bound for the Bodleian Library. Brown leather index tab on A1.

Size: 210 × 150 × 9 mm.

Size of leaf: 199 × 146 mm.

Copious marginal and interlinear notes in a contemporary German hand, providing synonyms, underlining, and comments on the text, and on A1v a note on ‘Jeroma de Padua'.

Provenance: Solomon Pottesman (1904-1978); purchased at his sale, lot 200, for £264; see ledger (1979/80), no. 432.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. G22.5.

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