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Bod-Inc: V-051

Vegetius, Flavius Renatus

Epitoma rei militaris.


Analysis of Content

This edition is known only from individual leaves, either uncorrected proof or, more likely, from an abandoned printing project; see D. E. Rhodes, ‘A Note on Some Fragments of Vegetius from Augsburg', Library, 5th ser., 8 (1953), 36-7, repr. in Dennis E. Rhodes, Studies in Early European Printing and Book Collecting (London, 1983), 139-40; Reeve ‘Epitoma rei militaris’, 312, with discussion of Zainer's textual source, with the locations of the other fragments given in n. 121. E. Freys, ‘Makulatur aus der Presse Günther Zainers', Gb Jb (1944/9), 94-6, at 94-5.


Imprint: [Augsburg: Günther Zainer, 1477-8?]. Folio.

Remarks: Rhodes, ‘Fragments', dates to [c.1475].


Collation: Unknown.

Types: Type: 118 G (b or c; see Rhodes, ‘Fragments').

Leaves: Number of leaves unknown.

Line number: 35 lines.

Type area: Type area: 208 ×121 mm.


ISTC: iv00106200

Proctor: Pr 1575;

Others: Sheppard 1170.

LCN: 13724204, 14803082


Copy number: V-051(1)

Three fragments removed from the binding of J‑076; see there for details of provenance and acquisition.

Printed on both sides. Fragment ‘1r’ (approximately 82 × 78 mm): ‘[qua]rta [per] s iunio . . . [qu]ā artem' (Veg. 1. 15); ‘1v ‘: ‘defendend9 aut . . . ciuitatum lapidibus' (Veg. 1. 16). Fragment ‘2r’ (approximately 154 × 11 mm): ‘[superio]rem . . . habeatur. ut mon[s]' (Veg. 1. 15-16); ‘2v ‘: ‘[opportun]e mi[lites] . . . faciebant ſcilicet ut' (Veg. 1. 17-18). Fragment ‘3r–v’ (approximately 250 × 172 mm): ‘[S]ed pe tercia uel quarta [per] s . . . ſcilicet ut in tumultu' (Veg. 1. 15-18).

Binding: Now bound in a modern guard-book of fragments.

Size of leaf: 206 × 121 mm.

SHELFMARK: Inc. b. G97.1(1).

Copy number: V-051(2)

A fragment printed on one side only containing Veg. 1. 24-6: ‘fuerit terra congeritur et creſcit in altum . . . ſolēt. ordo'. The different state of the two fragments now in the Bodleian may indicate that these items were not proof sheets as such (none of the known fragments has any mark of proof-reading), but perhaps rather an abandoned printing project. All known fragments are from the table of contents or from book 1; it may be that the type-setting progressed no further. Zainer died on 13 Apr. 1478, and this may be why the printing was never completed.

Binding: Bound in a modern guard-book of fragments.

Provenance: Purchased for £1500 from Bernard Quaritch, Catalogue 98/16 (1998), no. 49; see ledger (1998/9), no. 17.

SHELFMARK: Inc. c. G97(3).

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