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Bod-Inc: V-120

Versor, Johannes

Quaestiones super libros Aristotelis.


Analysis of Content

[2a1v] ‘Registrum questionum'.

[2a2v] ‘Autoritates'.

[2a3r] Versor, Johannes: Quaestiones super libros Parvorum naturalium Aristotelis [1-3]. Incipit: ‘[C]irca inicium paruorum naturalium queritur primo utrum corpus sensitiuum sit subiectum scientie huius libri . . .’ See Lohr (1971), 290-9 no. 9. A commentary to Aristotle's ‘De sensu et sensatu, de memoria et reminiscientia, De somno et vigilia, De longitudine et brevitate vitae'.

3a2r ‘Tabula'.

3a3r Versor, Johannes: Quaestiones super libros De generatione et corruptione. Incipit: ‘[C]irca inicium librorum de generatione et corruptione. Nota textum e generatione autem et corruptione et de natura generatorum et corruptorum etc. Queritur primo utrum de corpore mobili ad formam sit scientia . . .’ See Lohr (1971), 290-9 no. 6.

[2d5v] [Colophon.]

[2d5v] ‘Auctoritates'.


Imprint: Cologne: Theodoricus [Dietrich Molner, Conrad Welker von Boppard?], 29 Nov. 1485. Folio.

Remarks: In four parts: (I–III) are undated and (IV) is dated 29 Nov. 1485. The work consists of: (I) De caelo et mundo; (II) Liber metheororum; (III) De parva naturalia; (IV) De generatione et corruptione.


Collation: Part I: a6 b c8 d6; part II: A–D8.6 E F8 G10; part III: [2a]–c8, not as Polain or BSB‑Ink V‑164 (a6 b c8); part IV: 3a b8 c [2d]6, not as Polain.


ISTC: iv00251000

Hain: H *16045;

Goff: Goff V‑251;

BMC: BMC III 860 (IV);

Proctor: Pr 1453A (III, IV);

Others: BSB‑Ink V‑164; Polain 3930, 3933 bis; Sheppard 1074 (III), 1069 (IV); Voulliéme, Köln, 1226 (I,II), 1233 (III), 1230 (IV).


Copy number: V-120(1)

Bound with G‑078; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 282 × 200 mm.

Parts III and IV only. Leaf3 a2r, l. 1: ‘ . . . generatōe | et corruptione . . .'; (l. 3) ‘ . . . foliorū |';3 a2v, col. 2, l. 10: ‘ . . . queſtionum et dubita | tionum huius libri totalis de generatione [et] cor |'.

Occasional marginal notes, in the hand that more extensively annotated G‑078.

Principal initials are supplied in interlocked red and blue; other initials are occasionally supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. G3.1485.1(2-3).

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