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Bod-Inc: V-134

Vincentius Bellovacensis

Speculum historiale.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] ‘Registrum capitulorum prime partis speculis hystoriali'. A list of contents precedes each book.

[a2r] Vincentius Bellovacensis: Speculum historiale. ‘Prologus . . . in librum qui dicitur Speculum hystoriale' [addressed to] Ludovicus IX. Incipit: ‘[D]ilecto deo et hominibus illustrissimo . . . Super decem ciuitates habere potestatem . . . legenti manifestius declarabit'. Ed. Guzman, Vincent of Beauvais, ‘Epistola actoris ad regem Ludovicum', in M. Paulmier-Foucart and others, L'oeuvre de Vincent de Beauvais: intentions et réceptions (Montréal, 1991).

[a3r] Vincentius Bellovacensis: [Libellus totius operis apologeticus.] ‘De causa suscepti operis et eius materia. Capitulum primum'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam multitudo librorum et temporis breuitas . . . [Last chapter:] Continuatio huius quarte partis ad alias. [Q]uoniam igitur . . . que futura sunt in consumatione temporis'. See V‑130.

[a8v] Vincentius Bellovacensis: Speculum historiale. ‘Liber primus Speculi Hystorialis qui continet omnium temporum hystoriam. Epylogus de vnitate diuine substantie. Capitulum primum'. Incipit: ‘[D]eus est substantia incorporea . . . [liber 31 cap. CCIIII:] exhibuit vniuersis iii kl maii'. See V‑132. Each book is preceded by a list of contents.

[t6v] ‘De temporibus presentibus C. CV.’ Incipit: ‘[E]cce tempora sexte etatis vsque ad presentem annum . . . ccccxlii . . . in fine prestolantur'. See V‑132. Without historical addition from the Nuremberg Chronicle.

[t6v] ‘De signis future consummationis'. Incipit: ‘[Q]uantum vero temporis vsque ad finem seculi . . . creatura agitur quod videre non valeant'. See V‑132.


Imprint: [Augsburg: Monastery of SS. Ulrich and Afra], 1474. Folio.

Remarks: In three parts dated: (I) and (II) undated; (III) 1474.}


Collation: Part I: [*10 a–h10 i8 k–q10 r8 s–v10 x8 y z A–D10 E12+1 F–I10 K10+1]; part II: [**8+1 2a–n10 o12 p–z A B10 C12 D–G10 H8 I10]; part III: [*** 3a–f10 g8 h6+1 i–o10 p10+1 q–t10 v x8 y z A–O10].


ISTC: iv00284000

Hain: C 6247;

Goff: Goff V‑284;

BMC: BMC II 339;

Proctor: Pr 1639;

Others: BSB‑Ink V‑203; CIBN V‑188; S. Gaselee, ‘The Ulrich and Afra Vincent of Beauvais', Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, 4th ser., 2 (1921), 115-16 at 115; Oates 904-7; Rhodes 1814; Sack, Freiburg, 3673; Sheppard 1210; Voorbij no. 3. Microfiche: Unit 4: Chronicles and Historiography: Part I, CH 104.

LCN: 14695376


Copy number: V-134(1)

Bound in three volumes.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library.

Size: Vol. 1: 420 × 300 × 80 mm; vol. 2: 420 × 300 × 72 mm; vol. 3: 420 × 300 × 82 mm.

Size of leaf: 405 × 280 mm.

Five early sixteenth-century printed broadsides are pasted inside the covers. Front pastedown of vol. 1: [Sixt Buchsbaum], Vnser frawen rosenkrantz in Hertzog Ernst melodey (Memmingen, [c.1510]). Rear pastedown of vol. 1, bearing the Heber stamp: ‘Hic nachuolgend yetliche materien . . .' (Memmingen, [c.1510]).

A few early marginal notes, mainly providing corrections to the text, but also occasional ‘nota' marks and pointing hands. Early signatures partially visible.

Some principal initials are supplied in red with acanthus scroll decoration in yellow on a square burnished gold ground edged by a segmented frame in pink and blue, the area defined by the letter also blue, with floral and foliate extensions in colours and gold dots into the margins; other principal initials are supplied in blue with red pen-work decoration; other initials, paragraph marks, and running headings are supplied in red; capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Wessobrunn, Bavaria, Benedictines, S. Petrus [et Paulus]; inscription on [*1r]: ‘In usum fratrum Wessobrunensium'; book-plate, with the inscription: ‘Wessofontani proba sum possessio claustri. Heus! Domino me redde meo: sic jura reposcunt'; see Warnecke 2451. Purchased for £4. 6. 0; see Books Purchased (1834), 31.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q inf. 2.1-3.

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