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Printers and publisers Incunables
I Macé, Robert; publisher Rouen: 1 entry: • C-468
In campo Gaillardi (see also Guy Marchant) Paris: 1 entry: • C-389
In domo Antonii et Raphaelis de Vulterris Rome: 3 entries: • P-440 R-139 U-003
In domo Francisci de Cinquinis Rome: 2 entries: • A-327 A-501
In domo Petri de Maximis (Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz)
i.e Sweynheym, Conradus Pannartz, Arnoldus
Rome: 6 entries: • A-369 C-004 C-006 C-236 C-310 G-054
In domo quondam magistri Udalrici Galli
i.e Plannck, Stephan
Rome: 1 entry: • A-010
In vico S. Jacobi (Au Soufflet Vert [Louis Symonel et Socii])
see also Au Soufflet Vert
Paris: 2 entries: • G-280 V-156
Isaac ben Aaron of Este; Moses ben Eliezer Raphael Italy: 1 entry: • Heb 7
Isaac ben Judah ben David de Quatorze; publisher Naples: 1 entry: • Heb 33?

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