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Printers and publisers Incunables
Nahmias Constantinople?: 2 entries: • Heb 28? • Heb-Frag1?
Nel Beretin Convento della Ca Grande Venice: 1 entry: • C-221
Neumeister, Johann Mainz: 1 entry: • T-283
Neumeister, Johann; Aemilianus de Orfinis Foligno: 2 entries: • B-567 C-260
Neumeister, Johann; Angelini, Evangelista Foligno: 1 entry: • D-007
Nicolai de Bamberga, Johannes see Petri de Colonia, Petrus; Nicolai de Bamberga, Johannes
Nicolai de Verona, Johannes Verona: 1 entry: • V-041
Nicolas, Jean; publisher Paris: 1 entry: • A-237A
Nicolaus de Benedictis Lyons: 1 entry: • J-281
Nicolaus de Benedictis; Suigus de Suico, Jacobinus
see also Suigus de Suico, Jacobinus
Active in 2 places:
Nicolaus de Ferrariis Venice: 1 entry: • N-127
Nicolaus de Frankfordia Venice: 4 entries: • A-287 B-289 B-544 C-088
Nicolaus de Frankfordia; publisher Venice: 7 entries: • A-349 A-351 A-474 B-267 B-525 H-114 M-248
N., J.; publisher Leipzig: 1 entry: • S-165
No printer Active in 17 places:
Notaras, Anna; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • E-034
Notary, Julian London?: 1 entry: • M-278
Notary, Julian; Barbier, Jean; H., I
see also Barbier, Jean
London?: 1 entry: • A-093
Notary, Julian; H., I London: 1 entry: • H-186
N. S. del Prado Valladolid: 1 entry: • F-081

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